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21 years in photos - photo heavy post / personal.

So you may or may not know that I turned 21 on the 10th June 2014,
(yesterday) ^^
I had an amazing birthday, I was truly spoilt and I also
I passed my driving test that morning so it made it extra special.
I came home to flowers, gifts and a cake.
I then chose where to eat out and me & my mum went to pizza hut for tea and
ended up getting the unlimited ice cream!
anyway, this post is personal and VERY photo heavy,
I'm reflecting back on the last 21 years of my life, 
although this may be social suicide, all I can say is thank god for puberty.

If you make it to the end then you can have some birthday cake! :)


So let's start with teeny tiny baby vanilla (between 3-6 months)
Next up we have me asleep on my dad when I was new born, this is one of my favourite photos, as some of you know my dad died when I was 11, so photo's with him are precious.
He was so pleased to have a baby girl! & look at that decor..
 Days old in my scary frilly cot!
This photo is one where I'm a few months old, I'd just learnt to support my own head so I know I'm not tiny! This photo is with my Grandma and my brother Jordan.

This photo makes me laugh so much, look at my face! this was in Turkey, I really didn't like that fez :') 
 Here I am at Christmas, I must of been 1/1 & a half here, got my first doll's pram!
 Another thing that I got was a kitchen :') although I think this photo was a few weeks later.
 (Jordan, I'm sorry in advance ahaha!)  me & my brother Jordan, I'm batman and
god knows who he is!  Robin?... also love his wet patch :L
 In this one I have slightly more hair, I'm probably about one & a half/two , here.
 Same in this photo despite the baby grow, getting big now

 Look at the clothes aha! probably about two in both photo's below.
 Here I'm holding 'suck suck rabbit', I'd suck his ear instead of a dummy, I still have him!
Look at all the crazy stuff on the desk :') (the phone!!!)
 In this photo I will be about three, I'm with my brothers, Alastair & Jordan, I got brought
into primary school for photo day despite not being of primary school age.
I am however of age in the photo below, I would be 4/5 here and this is my first day at primary school! I have THE funniest hair cut, me and my brother played hairdressers as it got long so I got a bob again! - drowned in that uniform...

 Below is a photo of me & my brothers with some pretty cool faces on ;) ..why does mine
look like I painted it but theirs are good?...
Below I would be 5 ish and I'm asleep with my twin! I love this picture, I'd always force him to read a million books to me before bed and he'd always fall asleep too :')
 Below is a photo of me & my mama in Cyprus, still about 5 here.
 The make up addiction is born in! I got a beauty table and make up :') also look at the size of my giant dolls house in the background! I used to crawl through the front door, it was huge!

This is also in Cyprus, I got a blow up 'pongo' from 101 Dalmatians for in the pool but I didn't want him to be lonely and sleep alone, also I wanted to take my money box Dalmatian on holiday! I was OBSESSED with 101 Dalmatians.

My first time in curlers!  6- ish.  loving the smile with food still being chewed..

& this is what it looked like! my brother wanted to jump in the photo for sympathy due to breaking his arm.
 Lost some milk teeth so this is my first gappy picture! 6-ish

 moving on, I'm around 7/8 ish here, I got a crimper for Christmas and my dad being
dad of the year let me crimp his fringe after a drink or two ;) aha.
I'd just changed out of a wedding dress costume that I got for Christmas hence the outfit!
(look at the carpet and wallpaper!!) 
 Here I'm with my old kitty 'leopold benedict' aha! he loved being pushed round in
the pram with a doll hat on! I also put blue eyeshadow on his kitty eyebrows once
and he never gave a crap! I LOVED that kitty.
Below I must of been around 9, were shopping in Lindos, my mum, me & Jordan.
 Here I'm snuggling a cat that I named 'ginger nuts' well, because he had giant ginger nuts, thanks young imaginative mind! (9- ish)

 In Rhodes town with my dad, about 9/10 years old.
 In Lindos again with my dad and brother, we found some kittens in an abandoned bread oven and so we fed them everyday! :) this is the start of my very ugly phase :L
This is the photo that I thank puberty and make up for correcting! I was 12 ish here, a year
after my dad died we went on our first holiday without him.
no make up, full  brows and funny hair! *cringe!*

Below is the start of the 'tongue out' phase... seriously regret this now!
I believe I was 12-13 here. 

I seem to find a cat wherever I go! another day, another cat and another tongue face...
 YET another cat and tongue face... worst photo stage, I have 500 photo's like this! 13 year old me seemed to think this was the 'coolest' pose, my mum always said I'd regret it!

 This was me when I was 14 and Rachel at 15 , on our first holiday together in Turkey. *cringe!*
14/15 years old with plastic pink clip in extensions, they were so tacky :')
On holiday in Greece with my cousin; Found a cat, I called him 'stinky' :') I always give
 animals great names ;)
needless to say he didn't smell! .. as you can see, the brows are GONE ..
In the pool with my belly roll out and my chavvy bun.
 Here I was 15 and it was the start of dressing weird! I wanted to be a 'harajuku' girl and wanted to move to japan.
I then went onto dye my hair black and pink when I was 15, luckily school didn't say anything to me, my mum had a go at them once because I came home without permission as they said my eyeshadow wasn't appropriate for lessons and I couldn't learn with it on :') so they never mentioned the hair...
 In the school canteen with my chums at the time! I loved these guys! that face is cringe!

Super creepy photo of my and my cousin Victoria, this was my harajuku phase and her emo phase aha! I felt so Japanese with that hair :')

 Here I must of been 16 about to turn 17, I'd left high school that year and dyed my hair all pink! This is one of the only pictures I have with all pink hair, but puberty kicked in and I got some boobs..and some stretch marks...
 This is the year I started college, I spent all my time on the mac books! as you can see I had next to no brows here, I plucked them all off except for one line and my eyeliner was THICK.
 I then went onto getting a little crazier with my hair, I went all black with pink under the fringe and got 24" extensions as my hair got sliced off in my first year of college, I'd of been 16-17 ish here. I dyed coon tails,stars, leopard print and all sorts in that hair! 
At 17-18, I went back all pink but put some colour in, it was also when I got hip piercings,
which rejected and my mum ignored me for 3 days for getting them aha! 
They're super sore and ready to come out in this photo.
 I re-dyed my stripey hair but pink when I was 18
This was also the high of my 'harajuku' and crazy make up stage, this lasted til I was nearly 19 and had progressed since I was 15!
Pulling a stupid face here, I really hate photo's being taken which you wouldn't guess from this post! but me, my mum, my cousins & my grandma & grandad.  I must of been 19-20 here, I dyed my hair pink & blue for the first time and I hated it.
 I however last year in august dyed my hair black and pink so this is 20 year old me! I went back pink and blue shortly after. from about 19+ it's mostly been hair changes, I think I'm done with facial changes now but can I just say thank god for puberty.

If you got to the end then well done!

This was just a little 21 year birthday celebration for my blog and something for
me to look back on, I hope you enjoyed / had a laugh ;)
Thanks for scrolling!

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