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Battle of the nude lip liners.

Today's post is putting 'nude' lip liners to the test,
I was never a big fan of lip liners a few years back but within the last year
I find that I prefer them to lipstick, they stay on, they're typically matte
and they do great 'your lips but better' colours.
A few of these I already owned and I picked up a few more to compare them.  
Lip swatches are below!

1. Rimmel exaggerate lip liner - 'eastend snob' - £3.99 - can purchase HERE.
2. Maybelline colour sensational lip liner - 'sweet pink' - £3.99 - can purchase HERE.
3. L'Oreal rouge infallible lip liner - 'always Toasted' - £5.19 - can purchase HERE.
4. Collection lip definer - 'nude pink' - £2.79 - can purchase HERE.
5. Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner - 'spice'- £2.99 - can purchase HERE.
6. Collection lip liner - 'clover pink'- £1.99 - can purchase HERE.
Rimmel exaggerate lip liner - eastend snob

As you can see this lip liner is the pinkest out of the above shades, This one is actually my favourite of the shades, it it slightly lighter than my natural lip colour as my natural lips are not this pink, it's great for contouring the shape of the lips.
 This shade would be best suited to lighter skin tones as it does come across quite pink if you cover the whole lip.
This lip liner is scent free and pretty long lasting although if you were to eat then you'd
see some wear and tear.
It's a twist up pencil that contains 0.25g of product which is annoying, I'd of preferred this product in a sharpener pencil as you'd get more product and it wouldn't be as prone to snapping off, it's a shame as this is one of my all time favourite lip products and as it costs 
£1 more than the other Rimmel lip liner that I mention in this post but this gets worn
 down 5x as fast.
The only downside to this particular formula is that it's quite drying and doesn't look the best if your lips are dry, I do however love the colour, it's unique to any nude lip liner that I have seen.

Maybelline colour sensational lip liner - sweet pink

This lip liner is one of the lighter shades in this post, it barely shows up which I guess
is what you want in a nude lip liner, something that blends in with the colour of your lips
and makes it appear that you have nothing on your lips.
I wish this product had a bit more pigment - if your lips are uneven then correcting the shape
would be difficult with this pencil.
It has to be built up rather than just gliding on. 
It's closer to the colour of my lips than any of the other pencils but when used all over the lips it makes me appear kind of washed out.
This product is probably my least favourite of the bunch but I do like that it's not in 
a twist up pencil.
I don't find this product to be very long lasting on the lips and it clings to dry patches (as you can see)

L'Oreal rouge infallible lip liner - always Toasted

This lip liner is the most expensive of the bunch but not the best, it does however have
the cutest packaging.
It drags quite a bit on the lips and it's a very dry formula so this is not recommended for
drier lips (although it's better than the above lip liner).
This product actually sticks around for a decent amount of time, If you apply it to your hand
and wait a few minutes then try and smudge it then you'll see it's 
lasting power.
This lip liner is made to define the lips and not look like you're wearing lip liner,
just like you have beautifully defined lips.
It's great colour wise but can look ever so slightly orange if you fill in
your entire lips, this is more of a true lip colour as the above two lip products are
more of a pink and a pale nude.
I can't find out how many grams of product you get but once this product is fully twisted up you have around 3cm of product.

Collection lip definer - nude pink

This lip liner is one of the more affordable lip liners in this post and it'd also
the most pigmented out of the bunch, it comes out smooth and creamy.
It's more like a lipstick in pencil form than a lip liner.
It's not drying but does come across very pigmented so it's easy to over do it.
This isn't so easy to make it look natural and may need the edges blending with a lip 
brush if over applied.
It also has more of a lipstick appearance than a lip liner, it's not as matte in finish.
It can come out quite dark if you're heavy handed and it is also a twist up pencil which
I hate but this one has caused me no problems with snapping.
You get around the same amount in this lip liner as the Rimmel lip liner, so estimated at around 0.25g of product (or about 3cm of product.)
despite not loving this product as a 'lip liner', I do love it as an all over lip colour/lipstick and
it is one of the best of the bunch.

Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner - spice

This is what I like to call my Ariana Grande lip liner, if you check out her instagram
she used to wear a brown pink nude lip quite a lot and this shade comes across so similar when worn lightly all over the lips.
In the photo below it looks a lot more orange than it does normally, it also appears
not to have a matte finish which it does.
it's in a sharpener pencil which pleases me greatly as it lasts forever!
I like to lightly trace around my lips and lightly fill them in to create a deeper, polished
looking nude.
although this lip product has a matte finish it can be applied over drier lips,
it doesn't show up as noticeable as the other lips liners but if you do have dry lips
then a lip balm or lipstick are probably your best bet for concealing it.
Not so sure about this product lasting through 1000 kisses, although I can confirm
it lasts a long time on the lips.

Collection lip liner - clover pink

Finally the last shade, this is the deepest shade of the bunch and
leans more towards a sheer berry coloured nude.
This is a lip liner that makes your lips appear to have more life to them,
a healthier looking nude. 
When I first got my superdrug order and I saw the colour of the
packaging I gasped but the actual lip liner doesn't come out the same as the packaging.
This lip liner is dry and will need building up slightly, it does drag on the lips a little and would make dry lips appear drier.
This lip liner is pretty long lasting and contains a decent amount of product.
I really like the colour of this product but the matte dry texture can cause you
to need a lip balm which will make your lips appear less natural and create
more of a lipstick looking appearance.

Overall I really like all of these lip liner for different reasons but my all time favourite is the Rimmel exaggerate lip liner strictly for the colour.
If I was going off texture I'd pick the Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner.
If I wanted longevity I'd pick the Loreal lip liner.
If I was going for a healthier look rather than a washed out looked I'd pick
the Collection lip liner in clover pink.
If I wanted pigmentation or something to smooth over dry lips then I'd pick the Collection
lip liner in nude pink.
and finally if I wanted a barely there lip liner just to define the edges and cupids bow then I'd pick the Maybelline lip liner.

They all have different pro's and cons but here's the info 
so you can decide what is best for you!

Have you tried any of these lip liners? what are your thoughts?

*All products purchased myself, I am in no way affiliated with any companies nor do they know they're mentioned*

 Thanks for reading!

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