Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday beauty tip. #3

Welcome back for week three of my Friday beauty tip!
This week I have three tips for how to get bigger lips without lip injections!
I recently discovered a method that really did work and didn't cost me anything so if
you're interested in some tips for fuller lips then keep reading below!

So let's start with tip number one which is just to give very little definition & fullness,
this method just uses make up to create an optical illusion.
*you'll have to excuse my shoddy photo taking, the camera kept turning me into
Casper the friendly ghost and then giving me a tan .. hmm*
The below photo is my lips with no product on, I do have a scar on my
bottom lip which leaves them a little uneven so this method helps them to look
a little more even & fuller.
 I start by lining my lips with a lip liner that is similar to my lip colour, this is where I slightly over draw my bottom lip on the right side, as you can see in the photo below, I do draw over my scar so if I didn't make the shape of my lip the same on the other side then It'd look funny, I also even out my cupids bow a little bit.
 I then add a little bit of a matte bronzer under my bottom lip and it looks like a natural shadow, almost like my bottom lip is bigger hence creating more shadow.
I also add a little bit of a highlighter or shimmery eyeshadow onto my cupids bow and also in a line down the centre of my lips, this draws your eye towards the centre and makes them appear fuller...
this can leave your lips looking a little powdery so I always use a lip gloss after this step, 
this in itself will help lips appear fuller as it will reflect light.
This method isn't too dramatic but can give you a little more fullness & definition when needed.

The second method is also very common and can give you quite a bit of fullness to
your lips.
The lip plumper.
I did a full review of the lip plumper photographed below and HERE is the link.
My lips did get some extra fullness to them!
The 'lip voltage' that is pictured does contain some sort of chemical that reacts to your lips
so if you'd rather go down the slightly more natural route then I'd suggest
the Duwop lip venom as it uses cinnamon to create the same effect,
I found it to be slightly less effective than the lip voltage product but it still does plump
a lot better than any other lip plumper that I've tried.
For my thoughts on the lip venom my review is HERE.
Overall lip plumpers create a medium fullness.

 & finally, my new personal favourite!
the cost free method that I had the most success with!
I recently tried to order the 'full lips suction device' online but it doesn't ship to the UK,
after convincing myself that it didn't work I tried a suction method using a plastic lid
from a soap and glory product, I was on tumblr at the time and I noticed my lips
 kept getting stuck, I then looked in the mirror and my lips were HUGE!

 below is a photo of my lips with nothing on them but the remains of some foundation,
and also the lid that I used.
Below is by far the most flattering photo I have taken aha!
I used the lid to suck in my lips, I first sucked both of my lips in to it and then eventually started targeting my top lip and bottom lip separately.
I found the best method to be sucking slightly so it causes a suction (not very tight!)
and then pulling the lid off my lips to create a 'pop' noise, if it doesn't pop off then 
you're sucking too hard and could give yourself a hickey/love bite 
around your mouth!
be very careful, you only need a light suction to pull blood to the lips,
 in the same way that the lip plumper does.
I did this around 30 times, short suction and pulling motions..
you could also create a suction and hold it for ten seconds but I found this just hurt my lip as
the lid was digging in me, it is sharp as it's not designed for this.
 you can see the marks on my lips from where the lid has been but that goes after
30 seconds.
This end photo is awful but you can for sure see that my lips are a LOT fuller!
this effect can last around an hour or two for me so it's not the best long term solution
 but it could be good for selfies or short periods of time that you want huge lips.
You could always pop the lid into your bag and spend 30 seconds hidden in the toilets 
suctioning your mouth if you don't want anyone to know your secret ;)
I would say to do this before applying foundation as you can rub a bit off OR around your
mouth could become red.
 Don't freak out if your lips start to feel fat, it's just the blood rushing to your lips
and you will feel it.
It feels like you've had your lips done.
 This method didn't cost me a penny as I already had the lid lying around.
You could use anything similar that you can find around your home,
a deodorant lid, a foundation bottle lid etc,
just anything that is small and will create suction, remember that there should be
room for some air in the lid as you need to suck that out to create the suction.
Play around with a few different things and don't hurt yourself!

Well I hope this was helpful!
Thanks for reading!

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