Sunday, 8 March 2015

My week in photos. #48

Welcome back for week 48 of my week in photos.
This week was a busy one for me in terms of uni work and will continue to
be busy until Tuesday when I hand in this huge assignment -sigh-
That is mostly the reason that this week in photos is going up early;
so I can do my work and also because I won't have any more pictures to add.
Thankfully next week will be back to normal and I can have some form of
social life and more blogging time.
I didn't snap anything overly interesting but these are little bits
from my week!
 As you may have guessed already my week consisted mostly of food and work;
prepare for food spam!
 On Monday I nipped to Boots to repurchase my fave texturising spray but it was out
of stock! I had to settle for the Loreal version (it was 2 for £4)
& I also picked up a cute little minty grapefruit breath spray for my bag.

 It's been really bi-polar weather where I live, It hail stoned one day and the hail stones were
the size of marbles... would of hated to have been out in that ha ha!
It also snowed a little which is what I snapped here! 
 More food! - the pasta didn't go well with this meal at all but I compromised with what
I had :')
 Despite being busy there is always time for getting in the bath! 
Using up my Christmas bath bombs & my fave body scrub that my mum kindly repurchased
as a surprise gift for me!
 In bed with moo <3
 Subway! (more food haha)
 & more Christmas bath bomb usage! 
How cool is this golden wonder? they're normally plain blue with stars in but this
one had loads of multi coloured bits in!
 I drowned my sorrows this week with a few drinks.
 My cheeky bear <3
 This is moomin's new derp face :')

 Forever taking selfies; I don't actually like my hair as much this colour as I do
when it's all pastel.
 Being a chef on the sly; I joke.   I honestly love guacamole though!
 Hanging out with moo <3
 So you may know from my twitter that I made an order with Tesco beauty for some
 Alba botanica stuff but it never arrived so I complained and got a refund... 
do not recommend using their beauty department at all;
 all their products are outsourced from different companies so
if you make an order for three things then they all arrive on different days and from
different shops.
I ordered this mask from a shop called 'bath & unwind' (after getting
my Tesco refund) and it smells so good! 
I can't see any brightening action yet though!
making myself hungry right now aha! fresh profiteroles from a bakery!

 Loving his new tail hat! <3

 So that was my week!
not too thrilling, mainly due to this is what I did besides solidly
doing my work, I only had one night off in the last month and I've
not been working due to being so busy with uni! 
I can't wait until this huge assignment is out the way on Tuesday!!!

What did you get up to this week?

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Happy Sunday!

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