Sunday, 15 March 2015

My week in photos. #49

Welcome back for week 49 of my week in photos.
This week I handed in my huge uni assignment which is a relief,
I still have work to do but not to the same amount.

I gave my blog a bit of a make over this week and have also increased the
size of my photos; this is great for beauty posts but I'm not sure about it for these
'week in photos' posts;  I just wanted to keep it consistent...
let me know if you prefer one in particular!
Anyway, here's what I got up to.
prepare for food envy aha!

 My fave thing to eat right now, green beans, carrot, swede, chips & guacamole!
 Hanging out with baby moo <3
 sleepy baby in his freshly washed blanket ^^
 I bought the 'Fullips enhancer' ; I reviewed this HERE if you're interested.
How cute is this packaging though; free love heart sweets!
 yet more food! Gotta' have my pasta fill for the week!
 Sneaky bear! He loves to fight with teddies ><
 Forever spending my life in the bath; there's worse habits, at least I'm clean!
 After painting my nails 4 million times I took time out of my day to properly
gel them; french tips always take so long to do on myself in gel but they look pretty &
they're so shiny!
 There are no words for how good this was; green beans, spicy vegetable bhajis, 
spinach and feta tart & a fresh chocolate eclair.
 Moo loves this blanket on my bed :') It's normally underneath my quilt but I let
her enjoy it for a day or two; this is when I just got it out the drier.
How could I say no to that face?!
 More nice weather in the UK... not.
It's gradually getting warmer and sunnier though!
 The base on Pizza Express pizza's are perfection.
 I got a new cheapy phone case off eBay! My moomin & rowlow one
is beyond damaged now.
 I spent an entire day in my PJ's eating a box of flake ice creams and 
watching Judge Rinder; no judgement! :')
 I look like I have a black mark or a chunk missing from my nose but nope
I'm just lazy and my mirror is filthy.
Dark red lips for red nose day! 
There is no avoiding that weird claw hand is there?!
 A well deserved glass of bubbly in my fave Tiffany martini glass!
 Now onto the less classy end of things; a kebab... a dirty, mayo covered
kebab... oh & cheese chips! 
(I decided this was a good idea after the bottle of bubbly!)
 "Did you say kebab?!"
 My mum being a little cutie got me these as one of the only chocolates I like
are kinder eggs... however I didn't end up eating them, she did! :')
 Fluffy little bear doing what he does best.
 Bath bomb number two! 
These Golden wonder bath bombs never used to have any colour other than blue
in them, Lush really went all out this year... Sadly you can only buy these around 
Christmas; I'm just rationing mine!
 As a first time for everything I attempted 'food in the bath'...
Always thought it was a stupid idea and after picking the soggy cone out from
my double chin and showering the crumbs off me it's safe to say I won't attempt this
again; the photo looked pretty though aha!
 Forever in love with spice lip liner <3
I was off out with Jason here.
 My mum is the cutest; you see mothers day cards and assume they're for her but
she actually got them me... from my fur babies!
she is just the sweetest!
 Hanging out with moo & her mouse.
 Ignore the grass that is ten feet long; I bought my mum some flowers for 
an early mothers day gift.  Lillies are her favourite ^^
So after 9 months of owning my car and never cleaning it.. yeah you read
that correctly... I finally did so!
It was full of pink hair and stones that got in the way of my floor mat;
If that didn't make it difficult to drive I'd of put it off for longer in all honesty...
next week it might get it's first exterior wash with a power washer :')
There is no better way to end a Sunday night than with Chinese food!

So that was my week!
Not too eventful but it was pretty good overall, it's been nice
to just take it easy and have the pressure off me!

what did you get up to this week?