Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Me Now 'True lips' 12 piece lip liner set.

I'm actually really excited about this blog post for the first time in a while;
I found a photo of these lip liners on instagram and used my stalking skills to hunt
 them down on ebay; they arrived the other day and I couldn't be happier.
I love the 'Me Now' liquid lipsticks and the lip liners are no different, I love them too.
These lip liners are completely matte; I like to use matte lip liners all over the lips 
in place of a lipstick as they tend to give a drier and more precise finish which I prefer.

They are apparently multi vitamin and aloe vera enriched according to the packaging
 (they come boxed), they also claim to be waterproof.
 I found the pencils wore down easily when applying all over the lips as they're soft 
and they didn't budge when I took a drink (or several for that matter).
 They did however transfer when I kissed the back of my hand and they didn't last on the centre of my lips when eating;
if you're applying a lipstick on top or not too bothered about reapplying then it's not an issue.
The formulation is one that you can re-apply without caking or flaking.
How gorgeous are they?!
Shade order: ( 53, 54, 50, 46, 51, 52, 56, 57, 59, 60, 58, 55 )

I love the texture and the finish of these lip liners; although they are very matte they
 aren't drying and didn't stick horribly to the dry patches on my lips, they were
 in fact pretty damn dry on the day I swatched these.
  They have such a perfect finish to them.

They are pigmented, easy to apply and overall just a great set of lip liners; 
I've found my holy grail lip liner within this set.
I'm so happy that i discovered these especially as they retail for less than £2.50 for
 twelve, it was an absolute steal.
The ebay seller I bought from is linked HERE. (not sponsored!)

If you're new to lip liners and want to try them out or if you're more advanced and want to
add a variety of colours to your collection then these are great for both.

Now for the lip swatches!
(My favourite/holy grail is shade 59)

I'm so in love with these right now; what are your thoughts?