Sunday, 5 July 2015

My week in photos. #65

This week included more recovering for me so I'm limited to what I can do but I
did however get to semi-celebrate my birthday!
I went back to the hospital and saw my doctor, took a trip to the zoo and
endured the most bi-polar weather I've seen in years.
Here's what I snapped this week.
 Although we had two crazy thunder storms here this week we also had some of the
hottest days of the year (or past few years)
Can't really complain about that kinda' weather!
 It was the kind of week that I was glad I can't wear make up; I actually topless
sunbathed in the garden with a glass of wine which was bliss aha.

 Midnight maccies run and a sneaky baby bear coming to scope out what I got.
 I ordered some more of my beloved 'me now' lippies; the bright pink was
a tad more neon than expected but I own most of them now! - my keyboard is covered
in loose face powder, not dust haha, my room is coated in my Ben Nye powder.
 Sneaky kfc run ;) I'm obsessed with their zinger burritos right now.
 A few beverages to drink when it's sunny out! They're such a classic drink and
only 4% so acceptable for day time drinking.
I like a drink in hot weather and I'm finally allowed to drink again after my op!
 Latest obsession; McDonald's grilled chicken and bacon salad with fajita dressing!
 On Friday I went to the zoo; it's what I ask to do every birthday and this year my
grandma was ill and my best friend was in hospital so it was delayed; here are a few
of my favourites photos from the day.
It was boiling so this bunch of mongoose's were hanging out in a metal dish.
 Apparently they have guinea pigs at the zoo? .. well there were 15 baby ones and they were
so cute! they fit in the palm of your hand!
 Red panda; they're so beautiful! it's like a cat/bear!
 Tiny monkey eating a potato :')
 There is a part that you can walk through and stroke the lemurs and it's my favourite,
They're the best thing in the entire zoo!
 Squished brown baby lemur! XD
 His face is like 'hurry up and take the photo then' haha.
 You'll have to excuse my appearance, I can take my splint off but I can't wear any
face make up, I can't even wear powder so I'm stuck to wearing lipstick and mascara
 these days; I've had pretty good skin at the minute so it worked out well.
but... lemur selfie!
 All I wanted to do was dive in that water; it was SO hot!
 stuffed mushrooms, vegetable cous cous & green beans, mmm.
 More weather that you can't complain about!
This was the day after a huge storm too.
& Moomin enjoying the sun! she went to sleep in a bush after this was taken.
-  excuse the grass, it's now been cut ;)  -
-told you the grass got cut!-
While cooking dinner; a glass of cold wkd in the garden, even in the shade it was
boiling hot!
My nail polish is the Maybelline super stay gel colour in 'mint for life'.
 Asda have now started selling lemon sorbet; it's one of my top three favourite 'foods',
also check out these Del monte 100% orange juice lollies, they're healthy and amazing.
 Gotta' have my weekly pasta ;) I'm obsessed with wholemeal pasta these days and
this portion is mixed with red pepper pesto, mmm.
 He sleeps on my chest every night; I can't help but look at him and feel like the
luckiest person in the entire world! <33
 So that was what I did this week, as you can see, I'm allowed my splint off during the day
but I have to sleep in it and I can't even powder my face.
I'm still being really careful as it hasn't 'set' yet but I'm just glad the worst is over with,
my nose is no longer broken, woo!
I'm now going to have a Lush bath and work on next weeks blog post.
I have the dentist tomorrow to pick up new braces so It's an early night for me.
What did you get up to this week?