Sunday, 12 July 2015

My week in photos. #66

I'm not sure where this week has even gone; two days it was pouring rain and
I don't remember even moving from my bed! 
I've got my new braces this week that actually fit my teeth so I spent the first three days
feeling sorry for myself with toothache.
Here are a few things I did snap from my week!
 So glad to be able to take hot baths again; I celebrated with Dragon's egg bath bomb
My fave! I have a collection of hundreds of these magazines so I can re-read them
in twenty years from now and laugh at the fashion pages.
Well I started eating this and then realised I hadn't snapped a photo; I went out for tea
with my two favourite ladies, my best friend and her daughter.
This was oreo ice cream brownie cake.

The best food for hot weather! (or in general, if I could only eat one food forever it'd
be watermelon!)
 Sparkly gel tips! I got new bulbs for my UV lamps so I had to gel my nails.
 Me and my best friend took a trip to the trafford centre in Manchester; we ended
up in cafe nero and I got an old favourite of mine, the vanilla iced drink;
I don't drink milk or anything with milk in anymore so it was highly nostalgic.
 There is a five guys in the trafford centre now; the ques are stupidly long but I had
to try something; I got a plain burger with mayo.
It was really fresh and good quality.
 I also did a bit of pre-payday shopping which my debit card hated me for.
I went to lush to get the 'gay is ok' love soap and ended up with a few extras; I then mooched
round the selfridges beauty hall to which I had to pull myself away.
I got a repurchase of my fave eyeliner and my first nars lip product.
I also nipped to H&M and got a baggy cat jumper for wearing in bed on netflix days.
I walked past it in the kids section and couldn't resist- their kids clothes are huge!
 I had to make a trip into town this week to pick up a few bits for Normy (my hamster)
I needed a loofa chew and some sawdust so I nipped into wilko and scoped their
Essence stand, needless to say I came away with a few bits!
I love their other concealer to I thought I'd give this one a go, I got a replacement eyeliner
(I love this matte black one) and three eyeshadows, I'll use the light pink one as a highlighter.
 How gorgeous are these metal glam eyeshadows? they are in shades
'hello goldie' and 'golden up' - they have a super glittery layer on top but once that's
gone they're just very sheeny.
 Meat free take out curry - mmm!
I had a second shopping day in town this week but this time with mum; I love days like this!
I got a frozen coffee from costa before going to see my grandma (who is doing loads better!)
 Sleepy bear in one of his hiding spots, he climbs up the back of a drawer with old 
scarves and a fluffy blanket in :')
Summer garden drinks! It's nothing new that I love a glass of WKD in the sunshine,
but on my travels I spotted a new flavour of lambrini (super cheap wine in the UK)
I'm not normally a fan but I tried out the new strawberry one which is actually good!
 Moomin enjoying the sun ><
 I bought my mama some of her favourite flowers; they've all opened now and it's a huge
bouquet, it looks like it should be on a casket :')
I went for round two at lush but to be fair I only left with one item and I claimed it
using their 'bring back 5 pots' thing. I sent my mum to the till so I didn't impulse
 purchase things haha.
Not as hot as last week but still nice out, I can't complain after the rain this week;
there has even been talk of it snowing in July.. (cross your fingers for no snow)

What did you get up to this week?