Sunday, 19 July 2015

My week in photos. #67

This week wasn't too eventful in terms of photos but it did include its share
of life drama - which is thankfully over with .. for now.
Anyway here's what I snapped!
 Lush twilight bath bomb!
 I went out for tea with my best friend & her daughter.
 I had the best brownie I've ever eaten in my life, mmm.
 Fresh roots; I hate bleaching my roots but it's so worth the pain!
 Yawning with his three fangs on show :')
 Moomin enjoying the lack of rain like every week.
 I've been obsessed with Nars velvet lip pencil in 'cruella', I've been wearing it almost daily!
 I prefer maccies frappe's to starbucks; if you've not tried these then you NEED to!
 Boot's essentials haul... yes I did need three eyebrow pencils :')
 The start of a very drunk evening; it's making me sick even looking at the bottle haha.
 Blurry cross eyed selfie before going into town on Friday night.
 I was so sure this was in focus; a pretty view in town while waiting for friends.
 The morning after... Hungover is not even the word!
The bag hanging up with black slush in the bottom is actually neon blue puke.. so hot!
 The cure to any scale of hangover!
 Feel unique treats! - there will be a blog post next week.
 Trying out my new body scrub (which isn't actually that good, wahhh)
 Jonathan the hedgehog and his little den that I made him! His mum also is living in 
my garden XD
 Have some cute snaps of Rowley! He was helping me take blog photos!
So that was all I snapped this week; it was pretty uneventful but i've been pretty busy 
inbetween then.

What did you get up to this week?