Sunday, 26 July 2015

My week in photos. #68

Week 68 of my week in photos has been a heavily food filled one for me;
I spent my week working, decorating and spending time with friends.
Here's what I snapped and I'm sorry in advance if you're hungry!
 A very Lush-y bath!  this week I was looking through my Lush stash and saw my giant
bottles of Snow fairy had gone discoloured so I smelt them and they'd gone bad!
So if £40 down the drain wasn't bad enough I also found one of the medium bottles 
the next day that had also gone funky before its time! ;( All my ponche ones are okay but 
its scared me into using my Lush stash up straight away; there will be lots of christmassy 
baths this week!
 Last selfie with a pink background! I've been painting this week.
This was on my way to homebase and I just shoved on a red lip, mascara,
brow powder and foundation; I didn't think it was bad for a 5 minute face and bed hair haha!
 I'm still not over these yet; mmm.
 Boots haul! I literally have a shampoo and conditioner problem; I have so many and I always
buy more?! I picked up some un-needed 3 minute miracle, a repurchase of my current face
serum from soap and glory which I squealed at when seeing it was on offer. I got a maybelline
colour tattoo in a matte taupe shade as a possible dipbrow pomade dupe.
& My fave line in the 'yes to' range, the grapefruit scrub and wipes.
 Stuffed mushrooms and the biggest bowl of pasta in puttanesca sauce with Swedish meatballs.
 The prettiest sunset and the ugliest fence.
 Can you tell I love corn? :')  my fave kind of week day dinner is a plate of veggies and
something like breaded mushrooms.
 So this is after one coat but you can see the colour of my room now;
It's called 'blossom white' by Dulux; it's white with a slight pink tint- it's way
better and less in your face than it was. I'm still keeping my bathroom bright pink though ;)
 My best friend & I always go to this food place to get the cookie ice cream brownie cake,
it's SO good & I don't even like oreos!
 Snagged this from my instagram; I haven't shown Normy in a while, he's just a happy,
chubby, ball of fluff! He's too quick to get photos of but all he does is stuff his face anyway;
His cheeks are so full of seeds that he is struggling to get downstairs!
 No one does cookies like subway; Not even Millie's cookies despite them being in the
next photo ;)
 I told you I have a problem with buying shampoo and conditioner!
This was a trip to town for lunch out with my best friend so I'm not sure how I ended up
shopping. I got another spray for my car (this is my nearly empty one as the new one is
in my car, I switched them before coming inside), cookies, cheap primark dolly pumps 
(they're my faves as they're not really hard like most flats), a new tan mitt and some
 Lush goodies (obvs).
 My little fluff wanting to play! <3
 Me & my friend took her daughter to a small fair that was on for little kids;
I normally avoid fairs as there are so many idiotic people that show up in one place.. this one
was equally as tolerable but Evie was cute playing on the rides haha!
 Moomin staring right down my camera lens :')  look at that little lip!!
 I invested in an adult colouring book (very adult picture and colouring skills there)
I just wanted it for the cat page; It's not relaxing, the flowers and cats overlap which 
drove me mad.
 I love the way WKD photographs; and the way it tastes for that matter;
I spent my Friday night binging on netflix with a glass of this.
Another of my healthy dinners; stuffed mushrooms, corn on the cob & green beans!

So that was my week, thrilling right? ;)
My highlights had to be decorating (which I'm still in the process of) and 
my little shopping trips haha.
I'm now going to drive to the drive thru to order the biggest McDonald's order as I'm
starving to death and the shops are now shut!

What did you get up to this week?