Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Current beauty favourites.

It feels like a million years since I wrote about something beauty related; I thought I'd
kick things off with my current beauty favourites as I've not been trying a huge 
amount of new beauty stuff and times when I'm the busiest it becomes obvious to me
which products I reach for over the others.
 Mainly make up but there's a few other goodies in there; all but one of these are products
that I've used for a while (except one) & I love them!

Tigi S factor moisture serum
Last time I bleached my roots I got bleach on the tips on my fringe and it's now frazzled,
this hair serum helps make it look normal while conditioning it.
It doesn't make your hair greasy and smells like papaya.

Balance Vitamin C power serum
This is a product that I bought for review purposes and have only been using a few weeks,
It hasn't made an incredible difference to my skin and originally broke me out a little bit
but now that's cleared...It just keeps my skin really hydrated and is a nice base to apply
make up on top of. It's very light, refreshing and liquid-y ... I've been using it daily.

Lush Yuzu & Cocoa shower cream
I LOVE this, it's the fourth little bottle that I've gone through!  
It's thick and creamy but still makes you feel clean (which I don't normally get with
creamier body washes) plus it smells like chocolate orange but in a really unusual way;
I look forward to getting washed having this in my shower!
 Miss Sporty studio lash mascara (green tube one only!)
I've been through five tubes of this at this point, I picked it up in superdrug a while ago on
a whim and it turned out to be amazing. It gets right down to the roots, actually
 sticks to your lashes and makes them super long. Plus it's one of two mascaras out 
of hundreds that don't transfer under my eyes after half an hour. I have three back up tubes.
 The balm Mary-Lou manizer highlighter
The most beautiful, shimmery, over the top highlighter. Ever since I bought this I've 
been in love with it. I tried to branch out by trying other cult favourites like the Becca
highlighter in Opal but for me, nothing compares to this; 
I wish they'd come out with a silvery shade!
 Soap & Glory archery eyebrow pencil - 'Love is Blonde'
A deep dirty blonde eyebrow pencil with no red tones, I wish it was less waxy and
smoother to apply but this is the reason it stays put all day so I can't complain too much.
I just love the shade and longevity of this pencil, it's my go-to every day brow 
product right now.
Urban Decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner - 'Distortion'
A constant repurchase of mine, I use it almost daily under my bottom lash line and inner
corners. This one is pretty self explanatory, it's beautiful and there's nothing like it in
terms of glitter or glitter eyeliners. 

What are your current beauty faves?