Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Testing Budget Beauty Items.

A few weeks ago I bought some budget beauty items online from 'fragrance direct', I've
bought higher end products from here before; like Essie nail polishes (for £3!)
I decided to trial some of the cheaper beauty bits and let you know my thoughts.
This post is not sponsored, I was just mainly intrigued to try out a few
of the 'Balance' products.
Balance Hyaluronic Youth Serum & Balance Vitamin C Power Serum
I have been using both of these serums every day (vitamin c in the morning,
hyaluronic at night) I haven't noticed a huge different in terms of skin texture or
brightening but they have kept my skin hydrated!
They originally broke me out a tiny bit but it cleared up fast.  I find both of these
serums very watery, refreshing and great to put make up on top of.
Balance Dragon's Blood Eye Lift Balm
This is a product that I didn't think I'd see results from but a few days of using it
I found my eyes looked less puffy (I've been getting very little sleep) & it instantly smoothes
when applied. I'm not sure how well it will work for deep set lines but very fine ones
appear diffused after applying this. It doesn't crumble or roll off when make up is applied either.

Balance Snake Venom Eye Cream
Eye creams take time to show results and if they're of the preventative ageing variety 
you won't always visibly see them so I can't comment on how well this works.
I can't comment on it reducing any dark circles either as I'm not suffering with
them right now and it apparently takes four weeks to see results anyway...
but with that said it felt nice on tired eyes, very cooling. 
Better safe than sorry with eye creams though, I might look 25 when i'm 60 ;)

Balance Snake Venom Face Scrub
This product was alright, it wasn't very abrasive and I like a really 'scrubby' scrub.
I hadn't noticed a brightening or smoothing effect; if you want results then I'd say 
pick up the body shop microdermabrasion scrub (it's my fave!) 
I wasn't thrilled with this but it did exfoliate and smell nice.
Bristow's Curl & Waves Mousse
As someone with naturally very wavy hair I was hoping this mousse might help enhance 
the curls and make it so I can just hop out of bed and go.
This had absolutely zero effect on my hair sadly, If anything I found it to be less wavy
than usual and a bit drab.  

Leichner Camera Clear Tinted Foundation - Blend of Porcelain
If you hate thick, heavy feeling foundations then this is not for you.
You need very little product as it's very thick and very concentrated/pigmented.
Once on this product looks greasy and I was about to wipe it right off but I proceeded 
to powder; it looks just like the Illamasqua rich liquid foundation when it's set; it also 
feels the same to apply and just as heavy on the skin.
It lasted about 4-5 hours before I needed to get it off as the oils in my skin had become
very overactive with this on my face and melted it into a patchy mess.
I also found it hard to contour my nose, it wasn't easy to blend on top of even when
 powdered.  I won't be keeping this but if you like the Illamasqua foundation
 then try this out!

Royal Nail Tips
I wondered how these Royal natural tips would compare to professional ones.
Well they were terrible, they needed a lot of filing, even the smallest size; they were just
odd sizes and when it came to sticking them on they didn't stick down properly so there is
 a slight gap between your nail and the tip.
I've been doing nails for 3-4 years and I'm qualified as a nail tech so I know how to stick
on a tip;  in that time I've never come across tips so bad!  

Overall I really like the face serums and the eye creams (the things I thought I'd hate)
and I ended up not liking the stuff I thought I'd love.

Have you tried any of these products?  What are your thoughts?