Friday, 12 February 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden vol.2 Brushes.

I kindly received a Rose gold eye brush set for Christmas off my mum, I'd been lusting
after the volume 2 editions since they were released, although all of the face brushed didn't
thrill me so I opted for the eye set.
A few weeks later I ordered the only two face brushes that I could see myself using
and here are my thoughts.
Overall I really like them, there's a few that I use less than I thought and one that I don't
use at all; they're soft, good quality and beautiful.
I was disappointed to find they were not vegan brushes, I read online that they were a 
synthetic/vegan mix but after visiting Zoeva's website, some of these brushes do include
natural hair; for this reason I will not be purchasing their brushes again unless they 
are vegan/synthetic.
142 - Although intended for concealer, it's amazing for blending eyeshadow. 
It's super soft and quite dense.
221 - Super fluffy and great for blending, yet again another that is really soft.
227 - Good for packing product onto the lid, a little more stiff than the last two brushes, also
           good for carving out a cut crease.  It is fluffy and not completely flat like traditional lid
228 - This brush is normally more tapered but once washed it fluffs out and loses shape;
            either way you can never have too many fluffy brushed, it's a little more dense than
            the soft crease brush.
230 - I love pencil brushes and especially this one, it's soft and gets right into the lash line
           without ripping your eyes open, great for bottom lash line or applying glitter.
231 - I most commonly use this one for more intense crease blending or nose contouring, 
           it's soft but firm, perfect for smudging.
232 - This is one I don't commonly use; it's sharp!  not something I want near my eye.. it's
            just rough when blending and so I avoid; I might of just got a faulty one?
235 - Loveeeee this one! super soft and good for everything, you can pack on product, 
           contour, carve out creases and blend with this beaut! 
238 - An odd one to be my most used brush but it is; It's amazing for concealing around
           your eyebrows to get a crisp line, it's really dense but not scratchy; would also be good
           for under the bottom lash line or as a lip brush.
325 - Another one that I don't commonly use, I occasionally highlight my brow bone with it
           but meh, I can take it or leave it. Yet again this one isn't very soft.
322 - I personally use this less than my other brow brushes as it's just so long, If I am to use
           it then it's more for glitter application. If you've got bigger brows you'll be fine but my
           fellow skinny brow ladies might find this hard to use.
310 - This is the one I never use, like where are the bristles at?!  What do I even do with
           this?  when I saw it online I thought it's be good for brows or a lip brush but nope...
Now for the two face brushes I picked up separately..

102 - I think this is intended as a powder brush but I use it to buff in foundation before
           using a make up sponge;  it's synthetic, soft and amazing!  By far my fave of them all.
127 - Not as soft as the synthetic ones but not scratchy, it's exactly what it says a 'sheer 
          cheek brush'; good for bronzing or a light wash of colour to the face. I usually use this
          for powder or a light wash of bronzer, it could also be used for blush. 

Overall I really like these brushes, they are a bit hit and miss, and I found the natural
hair ones to be scratchier than the synthetic equivalents so I wish they were all
the same but they're a nice addition to my collection and I've used them pretty much
every day since Christmas.

Have you tried these?  What are your thoughts?