Sunday, 24 April 2016

My week in photos #107

This week has been a rough one for me, you'll have to excuse my lack of pictures and
enthusiasm.  I have a shit tonne of uni work to do, my car was acting up (luckily they said it
didn't need any work doing and just to observe it further).
This week my 'brother' who I don't get on with at all is back to visit, we were literally
fighting within a few hours...  and finally my uncle got a lot sicker; 
He has bowel cancer and upon a trip to France he started having fits, they'd already
told him it was terminal but he had a scan in a french hospital and discovered the cancer
has spread rapidly throughout his brain; he came back to the UK but has been having fits
ever since and can barely walk, he was given 6 months to live around 6 months ago so
it's a difficult time for my family. 
Here's what I snapped.
 Probs my all time fave junk meal; noodles, plain fried rice and veggies in satay sauce.
 Hot weather & Ben and Jerry's ice cream cookie sandwiches.
 Trying vegan frozen yogurt made from coconut milk; it's soooo sweet!
 Trying to compensate for these Morrisons cheese and onion bakes by eating a huge pile 
of veggies.
 Feels like i'm always gelling my mum's nails!
 Can't complain about that weather! it was so hot.
 There is nothing I hate more than bleaching my roots, it's the worst task in the world for me;
it itches so bad and my hair is insanely dark so I have to do it twice!!!
 My life <3
 Getting back into making blended juices, this was just spinach, mango and water.
 Celebratory take out with my mama; As I didn't have to pay £450 for a new clutch in my
car like they originally thought i'd have to, we celebrated and I bought us a curry!
Mine is a vegetable rogan josh with chips - best one yet!
 I'm obsessed with RuPaul's drag race on netflix, i'm on the final season; I only
liked two seasons though, I liked Tatiana but Sharon needles and her husband Alaska were 
my absolute faves!   - Plus more juice, this is blueberries,mango, spinach and water.
 Fruit pastel lollies, making uni work bearable!  
I smashed my HR assignment, I'm done with marketing.. now I just have PPD, Logistics and
Contemporary issues to go.. wish me luck! I'm on tight deadlines.
Keeping my babies super close this week; nothing like an ill family member to really
hit home what is important. The most important thing to me is my tiny family
which consists of my mum, eldest brother and my fur babies <3

This week has been a bit of a downer and a lot has happened; take this
as a reminder that if you love someone then tell them and give them a huge squeeze
while you can. I hope you had a better week than I did.

Happy Sunday