Sunday, 1 May 2016

My week in photos #108

This week has been full of uni work, rain and pizza; My uncle has been rushed into
hospital for an emergency operation, I got my retainer for my braces and the majority
of my uni classes are ending, I just have two assignments left to do!
I feel like all I did was eat and work :')
Here's what I snapped...
 My best friend & I went to see 'friend request' at the cinema; it wasn't a great plot but
it had a tonne of jump scares!  When I got home I had a friend request from someone I know
who created a new facebook but she looks like the girl from the film :')
 My magic pole mascara that I ordered on Ebay arrived, I really like it as a base mascara; 
I always like to use one to separate, then use my fave miss sporty mascara.
I also got some atomisers and filled them with perfume for when I go on holiday,
bit premature but I'm so excited haha.
 Dinner: veggie curry!
 Blonde haired selfie, I decided i'm going to dye it dark which i'm terrified of,
Just waiting until my roots grow out again; I love it blonde but I look funny with black
 eyebrows when I have no make up on; I always said when I got it dyed I'd go dark like my
own hair colour but keep the ends highlighted like louisa rose allen from foxes, I just don't
 trust anyone to do it and full on dark hair isn't for me hence wanting a balayage effect. 
 BB cream I got on ebay; I think it's fake as it's rubbish ;( I got a skin 79 one a while ago
and it was amazing.
 Monty has a marking on his back that looks like the Lush snow angel; reckon' they'll send me
a couple for free? ><... his tail is also crudely placed on it haha.
 My last one of these beauts, one I never expected to like or even picked up on first sniff
but it's amazing!  it's not even that long until I can buy more though, where did this year go?!
 Grabbed this in Greggs as it looked amazing but it's full of horrid sickly caramel D;
the top was good though ><
 Trying out cheap polish drinks!
 Got my retainers! I go back next week to have my 'after' photo taken and check if
my retainers are fitting better or if I need new moulds taken.
They gave me sensitive toothpaste and told me to dose up on painkillers as they'd hurt my
teeth :')  avoid this corsodyl toothpaste like the plague, worst tasting thing to ever 
touch my mouth!
 Re-purchase of my foundation, I like this for day to day errand running as it's really
 lightweight; I picked up a back up of the essence powder as I love it. I then spotted a new
concealer on the shelves, I actually really like this too! & grabbed a clear gloss as my NYX
 one just ran out.
 Moo <3
 All time fave; I could eat watermelon forever!
 The nice weather didn't last long; welcome to british summer!  I live in the rainiest city
in England so it's like this 85% of the time!
 I've never liked yogurt, I don't like the taste or what it is but I tried this brand out the other
week and liked it so went back for a new flavour; they are amazing! They're made 
from coconuts.
 Dinner: Wholemeal pitta with spinach and falafel, covered with tzatziki and a side of
grilled artichoke.
 Lush baths <33
This GU cheesecake is the only one I like, it is amazing,
I went on a four hour hunt for it the other night as it was sold out everywhere!
Now that is desperation haha.
 Dinner: courgette & jalapeno pizza!
 Sleepy baby <3
 Pizza king veggie pizza *drools*

So that was all I snapped this week, over all it was pretty boring but I smashed
out the rest of my HR assignment, wrote my marketing assignment and finished off
my PPD portfolio... I just have contemporary issues and logistics to go before I finish!!!
Hopefully your week was more exciting than mine!

Happy Sunday