Monday, 9 May 2016

My week in photos #109

This week I went shopping in liverpool with my mum, had my final dental appointment
where I saw my before and after invisalign photos (I always intended to put them
online but seeing them actually makes me cringe now so I decided against it)
and my best friend got two new kittens!
Here's what I snapped...
 Liverpool is so beautiful! It was only 30 mins away and the shops were better than
where I live.
 I went with my mama on the train.
 Dinner: Take out veggie curry
 The only thing I bought was this cute kimono for on holiday but moomin wouldn't let
me get a good photo of it :')
 This weather though! it's been hot this week so uni work in the garden has been my life.
 My best friend's kittens, she called them Misha and Jensen off some TV show;
I suggested Smokey and Bacon but she didn't go for it :')
 Huge food binge with the bestie at Frankie & Benny's!  We got so much food but
there wasn't a single regret, it is amazing!
 Waitrose tirimisu!
 I got up one morning and started getting ready and when I turned around, this little
beaut was led in my bed with his head on my pillow. He always gets in bed with me but I
didn't know he was there ><
 Dinner: broccoli and potato salad... very adult haha.
 Procrastinating from doing uni work by baking brownies!
 Yet again more procrastinating; I ordered a passport cover and decided to add some glitter
nail polish. It looks better now i've finished it and done several coats ><
 Dinner: Wholemeal rice, guacamole and diced tomato.
 There's new twister lollies out! they're actually pretty good but the originals are
still wayyyyy better.
 Dinner: spinach, cucumber and tomato salad with cauliflower cheese grills and 
a side of boiled butternut squash.
 Dinner: spicy tomato pasta
 My nails were all odd sizes so I did a set of glitter tips with a gel overlay;
I had to keep them longer as some of my nails are pretty long, but I really like them!
 Midnight snack; dairy free yogurt, wholemeal pitta and pesto topped houmous.
 More hot weather and blue skies.
 Moo <3
 Solero's in the sun! 
 Final dentist appointment!  I got my after photos taken which they showed me the
comparison; it is crazy! I 100% recommend invisalign. I also had some filing done
to make my fangs less sharp.
 Sleepy Squoo <3

So that was everything I snapped this week; I have one more assignment left
for uni then i'm on a job hunt! I currently work part time for myself but I want
full time work. I'm also prepping to go on holiday to Spain; i've been a bunch of
places but never there so it's so exciting! 

Happy Sunday