Sunday, 15 May 2016

My week in photos #110

This week was very exciting and scary for me; I finished university!!
I submitted my final assignment and I no longer have to go back.. in six weeks time
I'll get my degree! I already have a foundation degree but now I have a bachelors degree
in business.  I'm now on a job hunt, I work part time for myself but my car insurance is
due to run out and I'm not dipping into savings to pay for it so getting full time work
asap is necessary. I'm also going on holiday in a month, two days after my birthday and
I've started to pack already... so many exciting things happening!
A few people messaged me on tumblr asking about my uncle which was sweet,
he's had surgery to have a colostomy bag now and they're sending him home next week,
from what they've said he should pass away soon but now he's in less pain he can just be
at home in peace.

(This is the first time in a while I've not been stressed and actually excited to blog!)
Here is what I snapped this week...
 Last Sunday night was pizza king night!  Veggie pizzas are life.
 Out one night with my mama and the sky was beaut; it's been hot here all week.
 Dinner: huge bowl of spicy pasta
 I found a similar dupe for urban decay's distortion, it wasn't intentional, I ordered it on Ebay 
for 99p and when it arrived the two looked alike, they swatch almost identical...
I do prefer the quality, brush and lasting power of U.D but if you're on a budget then
this is great.
 Dinner: Spinach, tomato and cucumber salad topped with cauliflower grills.
 I got some natural skincare from Holland and Barrett but this was a mistake!  I kept the sugar
scrub as it seemed to be okay but the other two gave me a bad reaction on my face;
it went bright red, spotty and itchy... four days later my skin is tight and itchy still,
I returned the products but my skin is a horrid texture, I'm just letting it heal over.
 Wholemeal & vegetarian meatless burgers (they were gross!) & halloumi salad.
 Mum got me a small bottle of prosecco to push through my final assignment.. I ended up
making holiday lists and buying stuff online for when I go away while drinking this..
I am SOOO excited, yet nervous to leave my animals.
 My bestie & I went shopping in town, I picked up a suitcase and a few last bits and then
we went to dinner... this mac and cheese made me feel like I was dying but it was
so good.
 Little bear <3
 Dinner: veggie pizza
 eeeek, it's 100% summer now, it was hot all week at this was the sky at 4.30am.. it's so light!
 A relaxing soak in the bath after submitting my final uni assignment;
shoot for the stars and star light star bright.
 Sleepy baby <3
 Dinner: Wholemeal buns with grilled portobello mushrooms, tomato and halloumi,
with a side of broccoli and steamed greens.
 Prosecco, prosecco and more prosecco... Mama bought a big bottle for me now I've 
done with uni.. I'll be toasting to that tonight. I'm so glad it's over but I think even though it
was a rough final year, I will miss the people and the experience.
 Lemon slice *heart eyes emoji*
 Asda order; I needed some cheap pjs to take on holiday, my pjs aren't appropriate for sleeping
in the same room as my bestie and her little girl so I got some more covering ones :')
I also picked up two cheap t-shirt bras that are perfect for summer, they're SO bright!
 Holiday shopping; this is one of the few dresses I found that I liked, it's from boohoo;
I find their sizing a little too big but i'd not of got my boobs in a size down.. so it's a little loose
on the back; it's backless and ties with a bow at the back of your neck.. word of warning; this
 picks up more pink on camera and on the website, it's a pinky/nudey/brown shade.
 Too early to pack? :')  I put the stuff in my case that I won't wear before I go on
holiday; I have some euros and I got my travel insurance so all I need is
my online orders to arrive and some underwear (I always buy new underwear for 
going on holiday, anyone else?)

So that was my week, a hectic yet exciting one. I feel so much relief yet so much
panic going on to the next chapter of my life, It's all becoming real now!
Good luck to anyone with uni exams this week.

Happy Sunday