Sunday, 22 May 2016

My week in photos #111

My first week since leaving uni, I have been job hunting while working part time for myself;
I got a possible job offer too on a make up counter, upon being approached in Boots!
This week has been pretty boring; I cleaned the house top to bottom, worked,
hunted for jobs, visited my uncle and also got horrifically drunk
 Here's what I snapped...
 On Monday, Rachel, Evie & I went to the new trampoline place that's opened up, the floors
 and walls are all trampoline :')  there's a foam dodge ball area so Rachel and I double teamed
 Evie and threw foam balls at her haha.. who knew trampolining could wear you out so much?!
 Then I went back to Rachel's, we both got freshened up to go to town but I got to
play with the kitties :D This is Misha <3
 Jensen <3
 I picked up a few last holiday bits, I got another bikini but forgot to photograph it ;(
How cute is the strawberry strap for my suitcase?!
 I got home and a few online orders had arrived; a few new look bits (I love this AX Paris dress)
and a bra solutions backless and front less bra from Asos; I also picked up a second pair of
 cropped black jeggings from Pretty little thing as my last ones got worn out and the elastic 
gave a pube effect haha.. They're the nicest fit though!
 Dutch waffles from Tiger; they were vile but the packaging sucked me in!
Lunch: Ratatouille
 The most beautiful boy <3
 Testing out some new gel polish; I loveeeee grey nails.
 This Mac and cheese was 800 calories worth of heaven!
 Got home to find this beaut in my bed :') <3
 Ebay purchases; I got a contour kit on there once and the shades were amazing, a lot less 
warm toned than UK cosmetics so I picked up a smaller version and it's equally as good,
I needed a smaller version for on holiday :D   - also grabbed natural nail tips and another lip
plumper but this silicone one is shit, go for the hard red plastic ones!
 My second lot of gels that arrived off ebay this week! I repurchased one shade and decided to 
get two others.   Also, who remembers these pens?  I got a six pack for 99p!
 The middle shade was the repurchase (you can see this on my instagram on older photos)
and the other two are the new shades, they're actually decent!
 Veggie pizza hut *drools*
 Scruffy flat ironed hair, spotty chin  & super pale skin selfie.
 Prosecco and cake!
 Dinner: massive feast of spicy tomato pasta & melon/banana!
 The mixologist lit my cosmopolitan on fire and it singed my damn eyebrow!  it tasted
like fire, it was horrible :')  It was buy one get one free so I ended up with two and you got a
free cocktail when you buy any drink so three very boozy drinks later & a bottle of prosecco,
some poor guy got some major abuse aha. I went on to get several more drinks in the next club 
and danced horribly to busted year 3000 before getting in early at 2am.
 Spot the Rowley snout <3
 Sunny days call for mocha frappes with the mama; mine looks piss poor but I don't
really like cream.
 7pm and the sun is still out!  I love the three days of summer that we get here.
 Dinner: Cheese crisp bakes & salad.

So that was all I snapped this week!
Happy Sunday