Monday, 30 May 2016

My week in photos #112

This week I've really found myself struggling to keep my blog; I told myself when my final 
uni assignments were done i'd have more time for blogging, I also told myself 'oh when your
new foundation comes you can do a review' but things never happened... 
I'm the biggest believer of if you want something then you make it happen.
I'm really unsure what to do with my blog right now; I think I can say i'm 
done with beauty posts though. I'll no longer be putting links on twitter, just tumblr,
 bloglovin' & Google+ so follow me on there if you want updates.
 I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and I won't be back in time to update my blog so it might
 be a few days later, it can take hours for one of these posts where as instagram takes 
30 seconds. I just want to enjoy blogging again and do it on my terms; I've
considered vlogging as it's a lot easier but I've never felt ready for that.
Thank you to any one who has stuck by me and who reads my blog and I hope you continue to
keep up to date with me in the future, On here and my other social media channels.
Here are a few snippets from my week...
 Baby boy in his fave drawer <3
 Went for a walk round the docks in the sun with my mum. They put these bird boxes out every
year and you can see birds sat on their eggs and teeny babies when they hatch, it's so cute!
 Dinner: Cauliflower grills & salad.
 Moody looking selfie. The lipstick is Stila 'patina' it's a fave of mine!
 Next door's cat came for a snuggle, I've not seen her in forever and I feared she'd died as
she's super fat and also lives outside, the neighbours are nasty assholes.
 Dinner: spinach pasta and spicy tomato sauce.
 Cute ebay purchases;  canvas banana bag (I love this soooo much) I'm going to use this as a 
beach bag on holiday! & a cute cheap purse, I didn't want to take my expensive one on holiday.
 More ebay goodies:  repurchases of my fave glitters, I only picked up one new colour which is
the grey shade, they are so beaut and I use them almost daily.  I also picked up the MeNow
foundation wheel for contouring.. it's very warm toned, thick and not too easy to blend which
is a shame as I love both of the MeNow lipstick variations.
 I'm obsessed with these kitty stickers!  <3
 Went to my fave italian with my mama, I got stuffed mushrooms and penne arribiata without
 the meat;   sooooo good! *drools*
 9pm and it's still light out!
 We took some real derp face pictures but I got this really cute one of her ><
 Dinner: wholemeal wraps with brown rice, guac, halloumi and salad.
 He fell asleep in the cat tree next to me when I was packing some holiday bits ><
 My lists for my mum for when I go away, she knows how to take care of moomin and rowley
but she needs a list for monty; I made her one for each just incase aha, I'm so anal.
 Dinner: wholemeal wraps with salad and halloumi.
 Did some baby blue gels on myself, I loveeee this colour.
 Super minimal make up and derp faces with the baby <3
 Stolen from my snapchat, my hair is getting sooo long!  I'm booking in to get it dyed
dark next week :O
 Take out veggie curry and watching hot rod in bed <3
 Playing with my best friend's kittens!  This one is Jensen.. sooo cute!
 Very meaty looking bbq leftovers; I was invited to a family bbq at my best friend's house;
I took some veggie nacho burgers as it was very meaty haha.. I snagged this seat for a photo,
that's not my drink, anyone else think that cider is rank? 
Got home to this cutie sat on my pillow giving me the 'what time do you call this' look :')
She's such a softie baby, she rescued a baby mouse from a cat this week and the mouse ran 
in my house... I managed to catch it and let it back out to safety, it was SO cute. 
Moomin is scared of mice but she protected this one, it was the sweetest!

So that's what I snapped this week, As for right now I'm going to try and keep on with my week
in photos; in the future it might become just frequent instagram updates but right now I'm
keeping on with it.

Happy Sunday