Sunday, 5 June 2016

My week in photos #113

It's five days until my 23rd birthday (which i'm dreading, I would of stopped
at 20/21 if I had the choice) and exactly a week until I go on holiday which will mean I will
be delayed on two of my week in photos.. I might have to put next weeks up on Saturday
 before I go?
I'm somewhat excited but i've really not felt myself this week, mentally and physically;
I just feel something is off. I'm anxious, pretty fed up in general and my body 
just feels heavy, paired with feeling nauseous daily (no i'm not pregnant haha)..
my skin has been breaking out pretty bad which it rarely does and i'm unsure if 
my contraceptive pill is causing it but it's apparently the same one I always get.
I just feel off in every sense.   This week I've only had a few bits of work on so I got
to spend a lot of time in the sun which is always nice and thanks to a friend of mine
i've got re-hooked on playing the sims :')
This week I went to see about getting my hair dyed but it's around £217 to get it done and
I know the effect that sun and pool water has on dyed hair.. I don't want to pay it then have
it wrecked in a week on holiday or feel I can't go in the pool so i'm planning to go back pink
one last time next week (I've had pink in pool water and sun before and it just fades baby pink
where as blonde goes green) then when i'm home i'm going to the dark side D:

Here are the few things I snapped this week...
 I don't ever consume butter unless it's already in something like a cake, it's
the same with milk (I always buy the alternatives) it kinda' freaks me out what it is;
But I decided to try this sunflower spreads with no dairy and i'm obsessed,
If I gain 5 stone it's down to eating this on toast 10x daily.
 I lost rowley this week, he has a thing for sleeping in drawers but when he hears me coming in
a room he will jump out the back which is what he did on this occasion, he slid out the back
when i looked for him then when i went to look elsewhere he climbed back in.. I literally
trashed my house, woke up all my neighbours and was about to cut a hole in the sofa when
my mum found him,,, I'd been looking for ages so I was pretty freaked out at this point,
I just sobbed all over him aha.  I've never been happier to see this little face wake up at
5am for food and a play!
 Garden sunbathing shenanigans.
 This is one of those things that I know I don't like but I somehow convince myself
over and over than I do and I then have to buy it and eat a piece to confirm I don't..
am I the only person that does this? :') 
To be fair the lemon ones were half decent.
 Dinner: mushrooms, tomato and burger sauce on seedy flat bread & criss cross chips
 Mini sainsburys and wilko haul!  that schnapps is vile for starters aha also
they did one of my fave foundations in sainsburys on offer for £7!
The other bits are just things I needed from wilko (those razors are so cheap but are
amazing on armpits!)
 After using the same uclan mouse mat for three years and it going grim, I bought
this cute one off ebay for £1!
 The cheesiest pasta.
 Footlong toasted cheese and lettuce sub (& cookies!)
 Re-fills of the tooth whitener I've been using lately, my fave is pola zing but this 
is like half the price and gets your teeth white, it just doesn't last as long.
 Resting bitch face snap chat selfie.
 Dinner:  feta and spinach tart,  onion bhaji's on seedy flat breads and
a slice of gross cake ><  

That was all I snapped this week!!
Happy Sunday