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Fragrance On Friday. #17 Lush ponche - limited edition.

Welcome back for fragrance on Friday week seventeen!
today's review is on Lush Ponche (Limited edition)

Limited edition
Every year lush release limited edition perfumes in the UK and the public
vote on their scents, I picked this up at Christmas time.
There are however very few on eBay.

Previous Fragrance on Friday's
 As stated above this fragrance is limited edition, ever year at Lush
the public vote on which Lush scent they want making into a perfume
and four or five scents are made into perfume form, they
are only available for a few weeks a year and I was lucky enough to grab this at
Christmas time, keep your eyes peeled, it may be back this Christmas.

It's described as:
"This fiesta fragrance is created with buchu and davana oils to give an exotic,
 fruity perfume that will last all night long."

Well that's not too descriptive, on the bottle it states to smell
tropical and also like tequila and I couldn't agree more.
For those of you who have smelt the shower gel of this at Christmas time, it smells
exactly the same. 

It's very fruity and smells like orange and citrus but then it has a really
boozy kick to it which I love, it smells a little bit like the 
orange Bacardi breezer alcopop.
Although this is tropical smelling, the boozy notes in this
knock it down from being really sweet,
it's like the perfect mix, but I do like to wear this more in winter,
I do go for boozier scents when it's cold outside but this could equally
be worn in summer, I just prefer something fruity and super sweet when it's hot.

Now on to the packaging,it's the same as the Demeter fragrance bottle that
I reviewed on a previous week blog post.
A sleek rectangle glass bottle with black and white bold text.
Simple but effective.
I love the size of the bottle and how it's not too bulky, great for 
your handbag and it has a cap so it doesn't spray in your bag.
It's clear glass so you can see the amount you have left.
I've had no problems with the spray top 
(Britney spears fragrances get dodgy spray tops often!)

The lasting power of this fragrance is incredible, it sticks around ALL day,
this is a fragrance that never goes unnoticed although I have
been told I smell like a hot cross bun while wearing this.

  lasting power
actual scent

not available all year round
no guarantee of coming back

overall I'm in love with this fragrance, I wish I didn't have to ration it
and could buy it all year round.
I think Lush should replace their original perfumes (as some stink!)
with these kind of scents to match their best selling products,
those products obviously sell for a reason, main one being the smell, so why not!?

I like that this product is made from natural ingredients and the rest
are safe synthetics, none of which have been tested on animals nor
bought from companies that test on animals.

I love the company and their morals, I love the scent,
I love the packaging and the lasting power is incredible.

I'd rate this fragrance 5 / 5   

*All products purchased myself, I am in no way affiliated with any companies nor do they know they're mentioned*

 Thanks for reading!
Have you tried this fragrance? What are your thoughts?

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