Friday, 8 July 2016

Been a little M.I.A...

Long time no speak huh?

Well first off I said a few weeks back that my heart isn't fully into my blog right now
then life got busy, veryyyy busy.

My uncle died; on the morning of my birthday I woke up to news that he'd died in his sleep, 
this is both sad and a relief as he's no longer suffering, if you know someone that has
died from bowel cancer then you'll know that towards the end things get difficult.
He could no longer speak or swallow water so it was for the best that he wasn't in prolonged
suffering.  My Aunty just got a new puppy so he is keeping her attention a lot of the time.

I turned 23! that's my scary age haha, I'd stick at 18 forever if I could but sadly I've become
more adult than I'd like (not mentally).

I started CBT for my driving accident, I still get anxious in rush hour or when I drive
around the area where she smashed my car in so I've been sent for therapy.
My car insurance just ran out so I'm not even driving it as of last week which
leads onto my new point.

I'm now out of work; part time work isn't enough to fund my car as well as other stuff;
Now that i've finished uni I'm searching for full time work.
I'm pretty fed up of being home as often as I am and not having the freedom of driving.

I got my uni grades, I graduated my business degree with a 2:1 which is amazing
considering I HATED my final year and my work was always last minute/half assed..
Just regret not trying harder now or I could of bagged a first!

I went on holiday! If you follow me on instagram (you should!) then you'd of 
seen a few holiday snaps. I got badly burnt but the break was nice.
I even made a spanish friend who i've kept in contact with!!
I put a few lbs on since arriving home (people normally do that on holiday but I hated
most of the food so I binged when I got home)  So I'm working on shifting that starting today!

I've had some free time to update my blog but I always find an excuse.
A lot of my time is spent job hunting, at therapy or general life stuff.

I feel my blog has just become more and more neglected; my heart isn't in it.
I love posting my life but I have to snap it on my phone then transfer it to my laptop but I don't
have space to it has to go on a hard drive. Then when I get the pictures onto the hardrive
I have to get them onto here and in order; I edit them to crop or lighten them 
if they're too dark to see. I have to resize them, hashtag things, ect ...
If you blog you will know that one post like my week in photos takes HOURS.
I just prefer to snap something on my phone and upload it to instagram; I'm spending 
whole days documenting my life when I should be living it. Instagram allows me to
document it with it taking a few minutes at most so that's where I'm feeling most 

So for right now this little space on the internet is being left empty, which makes me quite 
sad, I love looking through my hardrive to see so many weeks ago and what I was doing/
eating/stressing about.  
I may come back at some point and I may not but these days you can always find me on
instagram (georgiavanilla),  Snapchat (georgiavanilla) and tumblr..
you guessed it (georgia-vanilla   -  link)

Thank you to everyone that has supported me on here, people coming back to read
weekly and sending me lovely messages - it's more appreciated than you'll ever know.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

My week in photos #113

It's five days until my 23rd birthday (which i'm dreading, I would of stopped
at 20/21 if I had the choice) and exactly a week until I go on holiday which will mean I will
be delayed on two of my week in photos.. I might have to put next weeks up on Saturday
 before I go?
I'm somewhat excited but i've really not felt myself this week, mentally and physically;
I just feel something is off. I'm anxious, pretty fed up in general and my body 
just feels heavy, paired with feeling nauseous daily (no i'm not pregnant haha)..
my skin has been breaking out pretty bad which it rarely does and i'm unsure if 
my contraceptive pill is causing it but it's apparently the same one I always get.
I just feel off in every sense.   This week I've only had a few bits of work on so I got
to spend a lot of time in the sun which is always nice and thanks to a friend of mine
i've got re-hooked on playing the sims :')
This week I went to see about getting my hair dyed but it's around £217 to get it done and
I know the effect that sun and pool water has on dyed hair.. I don't want to pay it then have
it wrecked in a week on holiday or feel I can't go in the pool so i'm planning to go back pink
one last time next week (I've had pink in pool water and sun before and it just fades baby pink
where as blonde goes green) then when i'm home i'm going to the dark side D:

Here are the few things I snapped this week...
 I don't ever consume butter unless it's already in something like a cake, it's
the same with milk (I always buy the alternatives) it kinda' freaks me out what it is;
But I decided to try this sunflower spreads with no dairy and i'm obsessed,
If I gain 5 stone it's down to eating this on toast 10x daily.
 I lost rowley this week, he has a thing for sleeping in drawers but when he hears me coming in
a room he will jump out the back which is what he did on this occasion, he slid out the back
when i looked for him then when i went to look elsewhere he climbed back in.. I literally
trashed my house, woke up all my neighbours and was about to cut a hole in the sofa when
my mum found him,,, I'd been looking for ages so I was pretty freaked out at this point,
I just sobbed all over him aha.  I've never been happier to see this little face wake up at
5am for food and a play!

Monday, 30 May 2016

My week in photos #112

This week I've really found myself struggling to keep my blog; I told myself when my final 
uni assignments were done i'd have more time for blogging, I also told myself 'oh when your
new foundation comes you can do a review' but things never happened... 
I'm the biggest believer of if you want something then you make it happen.
I'm really unsure what to do with my blog right now; I think I can say i'm 
done with beauty posts though. I'll no longer be putting links on twitter, just tumblr,
 bloglovin' & Google+ so follow me on there if you want updates.
 I'm going on holiday in a few weeks and I won't be back in time to update my blog so it might
 be a few days later, it can take hours for one of these posts where as instagram takes 
30 seconds. I just want to enjoy blogging again and do it on my terms; I've
considered vlogging as it's a lot easier but I've never felt ready for that.
Thank you to any one who has stuck by me and who reads my blog and I hope you continue to
keep up to date with me in the future, On here and my other social media channels.
Here are a few snippets from my week...
 Baby boy in his fave drawer <3
 Went for a walk round the docks in the sun with my mum. They put these bird boxes out every
year and you can see birds sat on their eggs and teeny babies when they hatch, it's so cute!

Sunday, 22 May 2016

My week in photos #111

My first week since leaving uni, I have been job hunting while working part time for myself;
I got a possible job offer too on a make up counter, upon being approached in Boots!
This week has been pretty boring; I cleaned the house top to bottom, worked,
hunted for jobs, visited my uncle and also got horrifically drunk
 Here's what I snapped...
 On Monday, Rachel, Evie & I went to the new trampoline place that's opened up, the floors
 and walls are all trampoline :')  there's a foam dodge ball area so Rachel and I double teamed
 Evie and threw foam balls at her haha.. who knew trampolining could wear you out so much?!
 Then I went back to Rachel's, we both got freshened up to go to town but I got to
play with the kitties :D This is Misha <3

Sunday, 15 May 2016

My week in photos #110

This week was very exciting and scary for me; I finished university!!
I submitted my final assignment and I no longer have to go back.. in six weeks time
I'll get my degree! I already have a foundation degree but now I have a bachelors degree
in business.  I'm now on a job hunt, I work part time for myself but my car insurance is
due to run out and I'm not dipping into savings to pay for it so getting full time work
asap is necessary. I'm also going on holiday in a month, two days after my birthday and
I've started to pack already... so many exciting things happening!
A few people messaged me on tumblr asking about my uncle which was sweet,
he's had surgery to have a colostomy bag now and they're sending him home next week,
from what they've said he should pass away soon but now he's in less pain he can just be
at home in peace.

(This is the first time in a while I've not been stressed and actually excited to blog!)
Here is what I snapped this week...
 Last Sunday night was pizza king night!  Veggie pizzas are life.
 Out one night with my mama and the sky was beaut; it's been hot here all week.

Monday, 9 May 2016

My week in photos #109

This week I went shopping in liverpool with my mum, had my final dental appointment
where I saw my before and after invisalign photos (I always intended to put them
online but seeing them actually makes me cringe now so I decided against it)
and my best friend got two new kittens!
Here's what I snapped...
 Liverpool is so beautiful! It was only 30 mins away and the shops were better than
where I live.
 I went with my mama on the train.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

My week in photos #108

This week has been full of uni work, rain and pizza; My uncle has been rushed into
hospital for an emergency operation, I got my retainer for my braces and the majority
of my uni classes are ending, I just have two assignments left to do!
I feel like all I did was eat and work :')
Here's what I snapped...
 My best friend & I went to see 'friend request' at the cinema; it wasn't a great plot but
it had a tonne of jump scares!  When I got home I had a friend request from someone I know
who created a new facebook but she looks like the girl from the film :')
 My magic pole mascara that I ordered on Ebay arrived, I really like it as a base mascara; 
I always like to use one to separate, then use my fave miss sporty mascara.
I also got some atomisers and filled them with perfume for when I go on holiday,
bit premature but I'm so excited haha.