Friday, 8 July 2016

Been a little M.I.A...

Long time no speak huh?

Well first off I said a few weeks back that my heart isn't fully into my blog right now
then life got busy, veryyyy busy.

My uncle died; on the morning of my birthday I woke up to news that he'd died in his sleep, 
this is both sad and a relief as he's no longer suffering, if you know someone that has
died from bowel cancer then you'll know that towards the end things get difficult.
He could no longer speak or swallow water so it was for the best that he wasn't in prolonged
suffering.  My Aunty just got a new puppy so he is keeping her attention a lot of the time.

I turned 23! that's my scary age haha, I'd stick at 18 forever if I could but sadly I've become
more adult than I'd like (not mentally).

I started CBT for my driving accident, I still get anxious in rush hour or when I drive
around the area where she smashed my car in so I've been sent for therapy.
My car insurance just ran out so I'm not even driving it as of last week which
leads onto my new point.

I'm now out of work; part time work isn't enough to fund my car as well as other stuff;
Now that i've finished uni I'm searching for full time work.
I'm pretty fed up of being home as often as I am and not having the freedom of driving.

I got my uni grades, I graduated my business degree with a 2:1 which is amazing
considering I HATED my final year and my work was always last minute/half assed..
Just regret not trying harder now or I could of bagged a first!

I went on holiday! If you follow me on instagram (you should!) then you'd of 
seen a few holiday snaps. I got badly burnt but the break was nice.
I even made a spanish friend who i've kept in contact with!!
I put a few lbs on since arriving home (people normally do that on holiday but I hated
most of the food so I binged when I got home)  So I'm working on shifting that starting today!

I've had some free time to update my blog but I always find an excuse.
A lot of my time is spent job hunting, at therapy or general life stuff.

I feel my blog has just become more and more neglected; my heart isn't in it.
I love posting my life but I have to snap it on my phone then transfer it to my laptop but I don't
have space to it has to go on a hard drive. Then when I get the pictures onto the hardrive
I have to get them onto here and in order; I edit them to crop or lighten them 
if they're too dark to see. I have to resize them, hashtag things, ect ...
If you blog you will know that one post like my week in photos takes HOURS.
I just prefer to snap something on my phone and upload it to instagram; I'm spending 
whole days documenting my life when I should be living it. Instagram allows me to
document it with it taking a few minutes at most so that's where I'm feeling most 

So for right now this little space on the internet is being left empty, which makes me quite 
sad, I love looking through my hardrive to see so many weeks ago and what I was doing/
eating/stressing about.  
I may come back at some point and I may not but these days you can always find me on
instagram (georgiavanilla),  Snapchat (georgiavanilla) and tumblr..
you guessed it (georgia-vanilla   -  link)

Thank you to everyone that has supported me on here, people coming back to read
weekly and sending me lovely messages - it's more appreciated than you'll ever know.


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Life update; The hardest year of my life.

You know when you're not ready to talk about something until you feel like you've come out
the other side? well, that's how I feel right now. I haven't felt so at peace in years.
I had a hard year and I'm ready to talk about it.

Monday, 22 February 2016

How to minimise sweating & odour.

With summer just around the corner I thought I'd share a product that has saved 
my life over the last few years.
 I'm a sweaty person, even a power walk to a bus stop gets me overheated but the only
places that are really affected are my hands and armpits; I'm a bit of a clean freak so
constant hand sanitiser use helps with the hands but for the armpits I use Perspirex.
(Side note; this isn't sponsored or gifted in any way)
perspirex, anti perspirant, control odour, minimise sweating, sweating, sweat, stop sweating, georgia vanilla
perspirex, anti perspirant, control odour, minimise sweating, sweating, sweat, stop sweating, georgia vanilla
 Perspirex - £8.49  -  I bought mine HERE 

Friday, 12 February 2016

Zoeva Rose Golden vol.2 Brushes.

I kindly received a Rose gold eye brush set for Christmas off my mum, I'd been lusting
after the volume 2 editions since they were released, although all of the face brushed didn't
thrill me so I opted for the eye set.
A few weeks later I ordered the only two face brushes that I could see myself using
and here are my thoughts.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Testing Budget Beauty Items.

A few weeks ago I bought some budget beauty items online from 'fragrance direct', I've
bought higher end products from here before; like Essie nail polishes (for £3!)
I decided to trial some of the cheaper beauty bits and let you know my thoughts.
This post is not sponsored, I was just mainly intrigued to try out a few
of the 'Balance' products.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Current beauty favourites.

It feels like a million years since I wrote about something beauty related; I thought I'd
kick things off with my current beauty favourites as I've not been trying a huge 
amount of new beauty stuff and times when I'm the busiest it becomes obvious to me
which products I reach for over the others.
 Mainly make up but there's a few other goodies in there; all but one of these are products
that I've used for a while (except one) & I love them!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Unpopular opinions.

I thought this post would be a little different, please note.. they're just opinions!
I often say I don't like certain things and get the 'whatttttttt??!?!?! asdfghjkl'   
response haha.
This is basically a list of things that I don't like/understand so if you're easily offended 
then here's your chance to run.
Here are some of my unpopular opinions.... let me know yours below!

1. Finding Nemo
 I HATE finding Nemo, his voice, his face, Dory.. everything about that film just
kills me. (yep, even that baby squid that inks on itself)

2. Aladdin
While were on the topic of films, I don't like the genie in Aladdin, I love Robin Williams
in Mrs Doubtfire and other classics but that character just got on my nerves since 
I was little.
3. 'Fashion trends'
 I can't stand the blue denim and black tights/leggings trend.

4. Chocolate
So don't scream at me for this one but I don't get the hype around chocolate, or crisps,
or biscuits... I'm an old lady haha, give me a werther's original over chocolate any day ;)

5. Shoes
  Timberland boots; can we literally collect every pair on the planet..along with crocs,
gladiator sandals, brogues and those running shoes with the separate 
toes in (seriously?!) and just make a massive bonfire?  

6. False nails
 Coffin shaped nails should remain in the grave in my opinion. 
On that note any fake nails that are two inches long can join them.
(How do you wipe your bum with those claws?  genuine question)

7.  Twitter
 I just don't get it! I tried and tried but I'll always be a tumblr person.
(  Cheeky plug there ;)

8. Hipster stuff
Those 90's black swirly choker necklaces... should of stayed in the 90's!
(tie dye t-shirts, old Reebok's, turtle necks & jelly shoes too)

9. Popular TV shows
I just can't get into most TV series' including pretty little liars, game of thrones,
 the walking dead & the vampire diaries, I've tried them all and I just CAN'T do it!
All of the above bore me to death.

10. Eyebrows
I feel like I'm the only person in the entire world that loves skinny brows, this
trend for huge brows just doesn't make me swoon.
I've not got a face that can carry off Cara Delavigne brows for starters but I never 
see them and drool either. Any skinny brow lovers left out there?

11. Hair trends
DIY balayage that looks more like a dirty copper dip dye, and while I'm on the topic
of hair...Milk maid braids... nope, just nope.

12. Gifts
I don't like people buying me flowers, I'm not that into them anyway and tend to only
pick up cheap white ones on occasion but I don't like when people buy them for me;
I don't find it romantic for a man to buy me a bouquet either. 
But in general I don't like people buying me things. (said no one ever)

13. The Becca highlighter in 'opal'
It just doesn't thrill me; it's a beauty must have for most people
and I admit it is nice but It's not as amazing as everyone says, I use it more
as an everyday highlight as it's pretty subtle, every review I've read disagrees with me but
I just don't love/covet it.

14. Laundry
I love doing laundry, It's such a strange thing to like doing but I have since I was little,
I couldn't wait until my mum let me play with the washer and the drier.
I just love clean laundry. (I also have a thing for stationary haha)

15. Victoria Secret
 The fashion show, the clothes, bedding, underwear, the models..
I just don't get it. There is soooo much hype around it all and it doesn't do a single thing
for me. 

I'm going to leave it there for now, let me know if you have any that you'd add 
& keep in mind that this is just my opinion
and not to take it personally if you own Timberland boots ;)