Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Primark £1 lip liners.

I've been a little m.i.a on the beauty front recently, if you read my 'week in photos'
then you'll know I had a lot going on at home then I got into a car accident;
I've just lacked a lot of motivation during this time.
Today I'm back with my thoughts on these £1 Primark lip liners.
I picked up three shades on a whim while my friend was shopping; to be honest I wasn't sure
if they'd even show up once I swatched them but I was pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Topshop beauty bits!

I wandered into Topshop expecting to leave with a nail polish however,
£30 and four items later it appears I may have lost focus haha;
Here is what I picked up, swatches and my thoughts so far!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Pure Colour Glitter Eyeshadow Pencil - Silver.

If you've read my blog for a while then you may remember I picked up the Pure
Colour lip liners on a whim from New Look. (if not then don't fret, I'll link that post HERE)
I was stood in line buying some shoes and I managed to swatch one of their eyeshadow
 pencils before being served and I knew I had to have it!
I picked up the silver shade (they have no names), It does contain glitter especially if you
 smudge it out but on first look this product has an almost metal/foil effect.
The pigment of this product is insane, one swipe is super opaque. It glides on incredibly
smooth and blends out easily.
 These pencils are the kind you sharpen and not the twist up alternatives so you may have 
to invest in a chubby pencil sharpener.
I have only worn this product once and found it did crease a little on me but a little
 translucent powder tapped through the crease should sort this; despite slightly creasing it
 did last for several hours and didn't fade.
See what I mean by foil effect? The top swatches are one swipe and the bottom swatches are
a line blended out to show the glitter, you can see it much better on the right side.

I think this product is amazing, especially for the price; they retail for £2.99!
I believe there to be around 5/6 shades in these pencils but I grabbed mine at the till and 
didn't have time for a major swatch session, I am for sure going back to scope the others though.

What are your thoughts?  Have you tried these pencils?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow Review & Swatches. {Solstice & Cosmic}

While browsing the Urban Decay counter a few weeks ago I spotted the most beautiful, 
shimmery eye shadows and I knew I had to have at least one; so when pay day came around
 I put in an order online for the shades 'Solstice' & 'Cosmic' - my faves from my 
swatching session in store.
True to all the other Urban Decay shadows, these certainly don't lack pigment (or shimmer 
for that matter)  this line of shadows is incredibly high shine/shimmery.
The packaging is a little bulky but it's very sturdy and clicks shut. (it's also gorgeous)
 I picked up 'Solstice' as I thought it might be similar to Mac's 'blue brown pigment'
It looks similar in the pan but I found it was a lot more purple and glittery.
It's a stunning colour either way and a dab on the ball of your eyelid combined with
a smokey eye would be perfection - it gives a real 'oil spill' effect.
 The next shade I purchased is 'Cosmic' ; a stunning pearly white packed with glitter;
It appears very opaque when swatched but you have two ways you can use this;
a thin wash across the lids that leaves you with a subtle but incredible sparkle or you 
can pack this on, over a primer for a more intense glitter look.
 With most urban decay eye shadows they look piss poor without a primer, they need
something to cling too and in the photo below you can see the difference a primer makes.
It really just intensifies the pigment and gives the wow factor that these eye shadows create.
I don't mind this point too much but what I'm not keen on is the lasting power;
Urban decay eye shadows are normally super long lasting, I've never come across a bad one
 in my ten years of using this brand BUT this range (possibly due to the high shimmer?)
only lasts a few hours before they start to fade.
It's a shame as they're beautiful but I suppose this wouldn't be an issue for most people
as they're typically more 'night time wear' eye shadows; if you're like me and like to 
coat yourself in glitter all day, every day then you might be a little disappointed with
 the lasting power.
without primer    //     with primer

Overall I really love this range of eye shadows, I could wish for longer lasting power but
in general I don't have many complaints; they're very pigmented, easily blendable and

They retail for £14 each.

Have you tried these eye shadows yet?   Which is your fave?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Me Now 'True lips' 12 piece lip liner set.

I'm actually really excited about this blog post for the first time in a while;
I found a photo of these lip liners on instagram and used my stalking skills to hunt
 them down on ebay; they arrived the other day and I couldn't be happier.
I love the 'Me Now' liquid lipsticks and the lip liners are no different, I love them too.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Ebay dupes for high end products!

I never intended this to become a blog post but after a thoroughEbay browse during
my recovery, I found several things that needed to be shared and here you have it;
Ebay dupes for high end products.

-I don't know the quality of these products bar one (the lip enhancers),
These are purely cheaper options that look nearly identical to their pricey
counter parts.-

1. Flushed blusher/bronzer palette - £2.69 - link
When I spotted this my instant thought was how similar it was
to the Urban decay flushed palette; from the packaging to product shades, it seems
to be near identical minus the brand logo.
I think they only do this shade though so no luck if you want the darker shades.

2. Matte powder face contour kit - £6.45 - link
This one isn't 'identical' but it's a good cheaper option if you're not a pro at contouring;
This palette is somewhat similar to the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette.
It has 3 contour shades, a yellow toned powder (Kim k highlight shade),
a pink blush shade and finally a white for an intense highlight.

3. Pressed pigment eyeshadow pans - £1.01 - link
There are currently only 8 shades available despite showing more colours but
these eyeshadow pans look very similar to the MAC pan eye shadows.
If you want to create an eyeshadow palette or add to a current palette then these
could be a great, affordable option.

4. 12 colours eyeshadow palette - £4.88 - link
Less of a dupe and more of a copy cat product here; 
A 'dupe' for The balm 'nude tude' palette;  the packaging is near enough exact and the 
eyeshadow shades look bang on identical.
The original nude tude palette retail for around £30, So for £4.88 this is amazing,
especially as it's SO similar.
If you're on a budget and want similar shades to that palette then they're available 
in this one; although I'm not sure how the quality will match up.

5. Full red lips, natural lip enhancer - £1.22 - link
I did a review of the Full lips lip enhancer a while back (HERE
(I didn't originally like it but I get on with it more these days - no dry lips ect!)
However it was terribly hard to find in the UK and I ended up getting it on ebay for over £20.
Several months later the trend has caught on and cheap dupes have been made;
I ordered one and it arrived this morning; it looks SO similar and works the exact same.
I'd say pay £1.22 instead of £20+ (they have all three styles too!)

6. W7 Hollywood bronze & glow - £3.75 - link
I'll bet you can guess what this is a dupe for; the ever so lusted after Charlotte 
Tilbury film star bronze and glow duo.
This is intended as a dupe; the name and the engraving in the powders
are all too similar not to be. Although Charlotte wins on packaging as it's so luxe.
The shades are very similar; I think the Charlotte Tilbury highlighter is slightly more
shimmery but it also retails for £49 so if you don't fancy getting into dept for a bronzer
and highlighter then check this one out.

7. Pro powder blush brush - £1.18 - link
This brush is a dupe for the Real techniques setting brush (defo not a blush brush!),
although the real techniques 'old' brush line doesn't break the bank, this brush still retails
for £7 and this dupe is only £1.18, if you don't have as much disposable income for brushes 
or are new at make up then check this one out; there are several others linked on this
Ebay page that are dupes for the other real techniques brushes too.

Well, they were my ebay dupes, I hope they were helpful and that you found something
to add to your cart! 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Feel Unique Sale Picks.

I awoke to an email informing me that Feel Unique had a sale on; (the best kinds
of emails) so I had a snoop at what they had to offer.
Just as a quick disclaimer; this isn't sponsored, I just love beauty sales!

Some items are even 50% off! 
(I just put in an order for three of the items from my wish list and got some 
amazing deals!)
-No affiliate links-

Lancome infinite 24hr eyeshadow - '102 Timeless taupe'
(£19.50 dropped to £13.65)  - link
This product claims to be long lasting and easily blendable with a 
creamy powder finish- I can only guess that this is a 'less greasy' cream eyeshadow.
It's highly pigmented and the colours are beautiful; a wash of this on the lids
would be perfect for summer or nights out when dabbed over a smokey eye!

Bed head dumb blonde shampoo and reconstructor
(£29.95 dropped to £20.97)  - link
This is a product I used all throughout high school so it's an old favourite.
It's for chemically treated hair and works well for me; I stopped using it as my hair got
too used to using it.. as the bottles are so big! (who knew that would be a bad thing?!)
but I always end up coming back to it!
 I pick mine up at a hairdressing supply store as I'm qualified but it's still around £25 
after VAT so this is a bargain.
It smells amazing and leaves your hair shiny and soft.

Pacifica reed diffuser - 'Tuscan blood orange'
(£30 dropped to £15)  - link
If you've read my blog for a while you will know I love citrus scents and I love
Pacifica (the products and the brand itself)
The body washes, body lotions and perfumes are all mouthwateringly scented and  
long lasting, So I imagine this product to follow in the same footsteps.. or so it claims to.
This is my all time favourite scent so to have my house filled with it.. *drools*
Especially perfect for the summer months.

Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' perfume - 30ml
(£24 dropped to £12) - link
I've have admitted before that both this celebrity and the packaging are a complete 
turn off for me, but after giving this a sniff I had to eat my words; it's amazing.
I bought the 50ml bottle that day and still use it now, it's one of my most reached for
This scent is sophisticated with just the right amount of fruity notes.
Tacky packaging but you can always stick it  in a travelo.

Tigi Silky smooth moisture serum
(£15.95 dropped to £11.17) - link
I'm making an effort to look after my hair recently and my current hair serum 
just run out.
As I've used a lot of the 's-factor' line over the years and loved it I thought I'd try
this out. It protects your hair from heat and environmental damage while putting
moisture back in.     Just what I'm looking for.

Topshop glitter nail polish - 'White heat'
(£6 dropped to £3) - link
There are only two things I like in gold, eyeshadow and glitter.
I recently spoke about liking topshop nail polishes but I've never tried their
glittery ones; this colour in particular caught my eye.
Although I usually associate gold glitter with Christmas I think it's be cute for an accent
nail or paired with gold glitter liner for summer parties.

Urban Decay skin bronzing balm
(£23.50 dropped to £11.75)  - link
Still thinking along the lines of summer; bronze/sheeny skin is always a hit.
This product can be worn alone for natural glowy skin (it helps hide pores and
fine lines too) or mixed with your favourite base product to create a more 
highlighted/dewy look.
I personally would run this along my collar bones, my shoulders and down the front
of my legs for some extra glam.
REN rose bath oil
(£30 dropped to £15) - link
I sniffed this in M&S a while back but wasn't for paying the £30 price tag;
I've always been a 'double the quantity it says'  kinda' girl (cordial, washing powder, 
nesquick, gravy granules, conditioner etc) ; so I knew this would go quickly
especially with the amount of baths I take (I have zero shame!)
But for half price?! I snapped this one up straight away!
It is a real luxury buy and the perfect gift for a bath taking lady in your life; it smells
like roses as you'd imagine but with something sexy thrown in there.
It claims to moisturise and has all kinds of healing/replenishing properties.
It's also vegan, gluten free and nut free so for those of you who normally avoid luxury
items due to this; you can snap this up too and for half the price!

What would your picks include?