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Limecrime 'wicked' velvetine review & swatches.

As you may know, if you have read my blog for a while, I have never tried
the Limecrime velvetines but I did review a possible dupe & loved them!
This was what led me to purchasing this item, I knew I wore the dupes a lot and with Autumn right around the corner I wanted a deep red shade.
The dupes of this product only carried a bright red but limecrime has a shade called
'wicked', a deep, sexy red colour that is perfect for the colder months.
Now that I have tried both the original product and the dupe I can
fully compare them and which I prefer.
£13.50 - link
As I mentioned I got the shade 'wicked' a dark red shade, perfect for autumn.
The texture when applying this product is very watery, the dupes for this were more like a creme but this is like applying water to the lips, it's very strange, once applied it sets down to a matte finish.
With it being matte, it isn't the most friendly towards dry lips and can get stuck in fine lines a bit.
Not only is the inner packaging gorgeous but so is the outer packaging, ooh swoon!
It glides on very wet and kind of streaky looking, although it's easy enough to apply it can feather a little if you use too much product.
It dries down to a matte finish , less velvety than the dupes, which is strange considering it's called a 'velvetine' and it's the original product, you'd expect that to be more true to it's name.
It's not the nicest looking on dry lips, as you can see it does come across as quite dry and very matte.
This product can't be built up without getting thick and cracking or going chunky, but it does look a little streaky when swatched, I didn't notice this so much on the lips though.
This lip colour lasts hours but will start to wear off around the centre of the lips if you drink and it can come off quite a bit if you eat.

This product is transfer proof and kiss proof, not sure about a full on smooch though!
you can apply a balm or lip gloss over the top but this will ruin the matte effect, it is a nice way to keep the colour but have it as a less drying version, I think a clear gloss over top is how I will be wearing it - transfer proof colour in a deep red shade but non drying... perfect scenario in my mind...

This product is VERY pigmented, it doesn't take any building up and can be applied in one swipe if you're skilled enough, it is a fiddly product to use if you're not used to it.

You will have a hard time removing this product, baby oil seems to be the thing that gets it off for me or 5 minutes of hard scrubbing with a baby wipe.

The final thing I want to mention is the scent, it's pretty horrible... it smells like vanilla cake batter and rubber... it's just kind of 'off' smelling which is unfortunate.
Once it dries you can't smell or taste it so I'd rather there of been no scent to be honest.

lasting power:
cute packaging:
velvet matte finish:

Overall rating: 3.5 / 5

To be brutally honest, I don't think this is a life changing product for me,
I honestly prefer the dupes.. you can find my dupes review HERE!
This product smells dodgy, can be a bit chunky when wearing off if you eat
 and is quite fiddly to apply (never mind to re-apply)

I almost never love the dupe more!
This version is also four times the price of the dupe! it's not overly expensive
but if you can get something for cheaper then why not?
My only reason for branching out and buying the original instead of sticking to my 
beloved dupes was merely the colour selection, I love the dark red for autumn.
I didn't feel that the dupes were lacking in any way but I felt unimpressed 
by the original, probably due to the hype.
With that in mind, in future I will be sticking to the dupe versions but until they
release more shades for the winter then I will be using this throughout the colder months.

*All products purchased myself, I am in no way affiliated with any companies nor do they know they're mentioned - I just have no self control when shopping*

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