Sunday, 14 September 2014

My week in photos. #23

It feels like it's been so much longer than a week since
I've done one of these posts!
I'm now back at uni so my blogging life feels hectic, I have spent
a lot of my week doing work and not leaving the house...
They don't half throw you back into it ;( 
prepare to be un-entertained...

So let's jump into the very few snaps I did get this week.

There has been white nails & Ribena lollies to start it off, This was not a thrilling part of my week but my nails looked nice, I've clipped them short now as they were getting a little bit too long for natural nails IMO!
This broke my heart, my cat was attacking something in the garden, I found it was a tiny mouse that she was trying to catch from under a bucket, I looked into the tilted bucket and found that the mummy mouse had drowned to death and the tiny baby had been waiting for her to come back.. I cried SO hard. I took the mouse inside and it was acting tame as it was freezing cold and just happy for my warmth, it must of been an inch long, it was tiny. I let it stay the night in big plastic bucket with a towel and some hay in it. & I fed it water and nutrigrain (it LOVED it), the next day it was happy, warm and jumpy so I set it free in my garden with some hay and nutrigrain and disposed of it's mums body. At least baby mouse is happy and safe now!
Then moving onto being less humane and discussing spider killing techniques with
my friend... this conversation went on for a while! :')
THE tastiest looking and tasting ready meal I've ever had, it's from sainsburys if you want to check it out.
 Now this must be explained.... I fractured my nose when I was 11/12 on a shelf, I slipped on silk bedding and went face first into a shelf, I thought it was just swelling and I gave it three weeks for it to go down but it didn't, I then had an xray of my jaw at the hospital to see if I could have braces and they told me on the xray that I had cracked the bridge of my nose (I had black eyes at the time so they knew) anyway, I'd left it too long at this point to fix it and they said my only option was the cosmetic route when I was older to fix my uneven bridge. I have seen a surgeon and he said that the reason my breathing is affected is due to this and my fracture has grown some scar tissue inside of my nose. I'm planning to get this scar tissue removed and it's a minor procedure that will take an hour, no nose breaking, no nose job like I originally thought I would need. I have this booklet as the aftercare is very similar and I was told to read the complications and aftercare sections. I'm actually really happy to know that it's scar tissue and not bone that is affecting my bridge shape and is easily sorted.
 my hair looks great :') ... sleepy kitten time!
 scruffy notes and assignments = my life ;(
 I really don't like chocolate, I'm much more of a boiled sweets kinda' girl but this week it's all I wanted until I finally got it (my body is certainly lacking nutrition this week!).... I then spent the night feeling sick , no regrets :') I sometimes get random cravings for it (apparently it means you need to eat broccoli?) and then when I eat it I feel like I'm going to puke all day. I know, I'm odd.
 sleepy bear <3
 sleepy moo <3
 faves of the moment, spicy chicken pizza and star biscuit from Gregg's, and a sausage roll thrown in for good luck aha.
 well this happened this week! I bought Sims 4 online and installed it through origin! it was only £26!
I have had a go on it and I actually like the emotions part of it but I feel Sims 3 has better stuff :/
I'll still play it but it's not what I expected!
 Not so fizzy champagne and tumblr, my Saturday night.. which then got Chinese fried rice and chip shop curry into the picture, mmm.
 anddddd...... left over rice for breakfast... and not to forget the muffin!
 work finished! :))  I finally got to dump it in the boot of my car and not have to look at it!
 Sunday bath night! cracking out 'ponche' as it's getting a little more wintery by the day, super excited!
 & finally my Sunday night tea, Gregg's spicy pizza and my fave star biscuit! 
I'm preparing for Monday's blog post and then an early night for me!

what did you get up to this week?

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 Thanks for reading!

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