Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Me-now generation long lasting 'lipgloss'.

Today I have a mini review and swatches of 8 of the 'Me-now generation'
long lasting 'lip glosses'... they're not lip gloss.. they're matte lipstick,
so don't be discouraged by the name.
If you want to know more or just see which colours I bought 
then keep reading!

-scroll down for swatches-

My friend recently spotted these online and we both ordered some to test
them out, surprisingly they are incredible!
I purchased mine off eBay for £1.. yes you read that right!
They are one of the cheapest lip products that I own but one of the best..
I'm looking at getting more shades.

 Firstly how cute is the packaging? sleek test tubes with a screw top lid
 and the ability to see the colour with no effort.

They are called long lasting lip gloss, despite not being a gloss or a gloss finish,
they are comparable to the velvetines from limecrime in the sense that
they apply in a creme/liquid form and dry to a long lasting matte lipstick finish.

There are SO many colours that is is hard to choose which to get! I found
that the ones I ordered didn't match the swatches I saw online 100% but I don't
dislike any of them.

They are easy to apply, they dry to a matte finish which feels a little tacky when you
press your lips together, I guess a VERY tiny dusting of translucent powder
or adding a matte balm over the top would stop this. 
I tend to use a gloss over the top which makes all of them look even
 more incredible or I'll just add a regular lip balm as I personally don't like that 
tacky feeling. I'm aware that my friend uses a lipstick sealant over hers so
maybe give that a go?

Despite being matte, they're not actually drying on the lips,
I can get away with wearing these all day with no balm on top.
I can drink and eat with very minimal to no damage of the lip colour.

If you're sensitive to scents then you might not love these, they're not highly
scented but they do taste/smell like plastic and some are a little fruity scented.
This however goes when they dry so you could just put up with it for a minute.

These lip products have a doe foot applicator.

You can easily build colour but you don't need to as the pigment is superb,
you don't need more than one coat but you can also mix and match your colours
if you're going for an ombre lip and it won't go chunky or crack.

These liquid lipsticks are very long lasting, I can get away with wearing 
them all day without a lip balm over top.
 I can get a tiny bit of flaking around the inside of my lips but this
is the same for any lipstick that 'sets'.
Yet again without a balm over top they do transfer very slightly..
when I originally swatched these on my arm I tried scrubbing them with my finger and
they didn't budge but after a few hours on my lips it did transfer very slightly.
I'm not sure if the heat of my lips over time made them tacky again,
but unless you plan to do some serious smooching or rubbing of your lips
then it should stay put!

You will need oil to remove these lip colours, I like to use coconut oil for this
but you could pick up a bottle of baby oil for £1.

Now time for the swatches!

 This first colour is my least favourite of them all, it dries slightly darker than it is in the
tube but it's quite a light peachy pink. It comes across a lot less peach in the photo
but I'm not sure if that's due to my lip colour underneath deepening the colour.
This shade is number 12.
 The next shade is one I have been wearing everyday, yet again it seems slightly 
darker in the photo, 
It's like Rimmel's east end snob lip liner but in liquid lipstick form,
similar to a Kylie Jenner lip shade.
This is shade number 02.
 The next shade is a bright orangey red, it looks very orange in the tube but dries darker
and looks more red-orange on the lips.
This is shade number 19.
This next shade is a deep fuchsia shade, it's not bright or neon,
it's a more wearable deep pink.
This is shade number 07.
 Next is my favourite shade out of them all, it's not a flat shade like
the rest of the colours, it's two toned.
As you can see it has a slight purpley-blue tinge to it, it's very subtle and you don't notice
any blue on your lips, it's just eye catching in the light, it contains no shimmer
just like all the other colours.
This is shade number 36.
 The next shade is perfect for autumn/fall!
when I first swatched this on my arm it put me off but after trying it on
 my lips I really like it!
It's a deep berry purple shade.
It's shade number 22.
I smeared this one a little round my mouth by mistake hence the red skin ha ha!
The darker shades do stain your lips a little bit.
This is your classic bright red shade.
This is the shade number 05.
 and finally the last colour!
This shade is a deep orangey brown colour, I'd describe it as a 'brick' shade.
I thought I'd hate this looking at the colour in the tube but as you can see
it's a lot more of a deep orangey red.
This is shade number 32.
 and here they are all swatched on my arm.
(some are still slightly wet)
12, 02, 19, 07, 36, 22, 05, 32

The first two appear slightly darker on camera but the rest are very true to colour.

The two eBay sellers that I bought from are:
for shades: 12,22,05,19,36,32 & 07 - HERE
for shade: 02 - HERE

They cost me 99p each and free delivery.

 Have your tried these amazing lip colours?

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