Monday, 19 May 2014

Urban Decay deluxe shadow box review.

Today's review is on the Urban Decay deluxe shadow box,
this is not a new product, it has been on the scene for years but it's 
one of my all time favourite palettes, I received one of these when I was younger
and continued to purchase them since but they last forever!
As you can see from the photo's this product is very well loved!

You can purchase it HERE
Prices may vary dependant on country and shipping but this palette
retails for £18.50.
The packaging consists of a purple velvet box with a chain accent on the lid and once opened there is a decent size mirror that takes up the whole lid, the only downside to this is due to the chain part on the lid, there is no protection for the mirror and out of the five of these palettes that I've owned I've never not smashed the mirror.
It gets dirty very quickly and is similar to Nars packaging in the sense that once you get it dirty then it's not coming off!

I feel the range of shades in this palette is amazing, there is something for every one, if you want an every day look then there is three neutral shades to choose from.
Want to add a bit of drama for a night out? add a smokey lash line or a pop of colour - there is a deep purple, a gold and the blackest of blacks.
and finally if you want a super bright pop of colour or just to blend a bit of colour onto the lower lash line or a swipe across the lids for a bright summery look then there are three super beautiful brights. (Peace- the bright blue is my all time favourite eyeshadow since I was twelve!)

The pigmentation is incredible on these shadows as with all urban decay eye shadows and the texture is beautiful, soft and buttery feeling but still a powder eyeshadow.

This product comes with two eyeshadow applicators and a mini primer potion.

Aside from the packaging letting this down for me it is one of my all time favourite palettes- the pigmentation and texture are incredible, the colours are stunning, the lasting power is like no other and it's 100% worth the price tag.

*All products purchased myself, I am in no way affiliated with any companies nor do they know they're mentioned*

Thank you for reading!