Sunday, 8 June 2014

my week in photos. #10

This week was a week of errands for me,
sorting out work experience for uni, getting my car door lock fixed etc
but here's what I did capture on camera.
Gotta' have my food photos! this is mushroom lasagne and salad :)
 (love how all I ever do is eat!)
 & of course I have to have my baby bears photo on here! this is one of him when he just woke up, you can see he only has on fang aha.

 I'm still working on using up my lush Christmas stuff so I can splurge on some new bath goodies, this has got to be one of my favourite bath bombs <3

 Cute re-discovery of my nail polish, this is rimmel 60 seconds in 262 ring a ring o' roses.
 Golden wonder bath bomb makes my bath water look crazy!
 I devoured the biggest plate of Chinese food :') I had to have two sessions at finishing this!
 how cute is this little guy? I went to feed the ducks with my mum this week... too old? never.  I tried to get a picture of the baby ducks but they weren't feeling camera ready.
 Cheeky baby helping me run my bath <3
 The weather has been pretty rubbish over the last day or two, it started out sunny and then came the rain! so moomin cat has been sleeping the week away! I love her little beauty spot<3

This week I received my first birthday card, how fitting haha! my grandma isn't big on birthdays so I got this a few days early so it doesn't really count.  - is this how she sees me!?
 I made a sneaky early birthday purchase this week, the ysl lipstick is from my grandma's card money and I couldn't resist purchasing myself a mac lipstick also, I purchased vegas volt, I'm not big on mac lipsticks, I don't think they're all that great but I loved the colour for summer.
I also re-dyed my hair pretty bright! I just got rained on so it was looking worse for wear but still.. oooh pretty! 

The rest of my week was spend cramming in driving practice, scanning photos for Wednesday's blog post and taking photos for Monday's blog post.

what did you get up to this week? 
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